Pandya Store 18th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 18th February 2023 episode starts with Dhara telling Rishita that they have to leave now.

When Rishita orders Chiku to come with them, Dhara questions Rishita why she needs Chiku with her.

Rishita angrily states that she does not want to take any risks as she only cares about Chutki.

In reply, Dhara tells Rishita that she cares about everyone so she will bring Chiku with her but he is her son.

Afterward, Dhara takes Chiku to the temple where she makes Chiku do Lord Shiva’s aarti while she prays to Lord Shiva to help her to bring her whole family together.

As Dhara and Rishita are leaving the house, Suman questions them about where they are going and Dhara informs her that they are going to give the money to Shweta that Krish has sent.

Dhara even announces that she is taking Chiku with her as per Rishita’s order, causing Suman to look at Rishita sternly.

Suman orders Rishita AKA Patrani to bring both of the kids home as she wants the full family together.

Suman thinks that she does not know if her anger at Chiku is worth it, but she does not want Chiku to go through any bad thing as Chiku was not at fault for whatever happened seven years ago.

Shesh and Mithu stubbornly announce that they will also go with Chiku, making Chiku smile nervously.

Once Rishita, Dhara, and the mini Pandya brothers leave, Suman orders Raavi to decorate the house to celebrate Chutki’s homecoming.

Meanwhile, Shiva gets confused hearing this and looks around for answers which ruins Suman’s mood.

As Raavi tries to walk away, she collides with a bucket which shatters on the floor and triggers Shiva to get the flashback of him, running after Shweta.

Shiva questions everyone to explain where Chutki is as he can only see three kids running around and starts having a panic attack.

To calm Shiva down, Raavi tells him that Chutki is living with them only while Suman looks at Shiva with unshed tears in her eyes.

Raavi informs Suman that she is waiting for Chutki to come home as it can cure Shiva’s mental illness.

Once Shiva and Raavi walk away, Suman starts crying joyful tears as now everything will be all right while Dev looks tensed.

On the other hand, Shweta orders Natasha to play with a ball in the room quietly until she opens the door and Natasha nods.

Natasha even orders Shweta to promise her that she will take her to meet three Pandya kids and Shweta agrees hurriedly.

In the meantime, Dhara orders the kids to stay inside the cab causing Rishita to look at her with fierce eyes.

Dhara explains that just because no one loves Chiku in the home, that does not mean she will bring her son into the lion's cave.

Afterward, when the doorbell rings, Shweta gets overjoyed seeing Dhara and Rishita standing there with money.

Shweta does Dhara and Rishita's aarti with a candle, annoying them profusely.

Meanwhile, Natasha finds the Pandya kids playing outside and she escapes the room through a backdoor to join them.

On the other hand, Shweta starts counting the money despite Rishita's pleading to bring Chutki first.

An angry Dhara grabs Shweta's hand and orders her to bring Chukti but when Shweta opens the door of Natasha's room, she finds it empty.

While Dhara looks around for Chutki, a desperate Rishita handcuffs Shweta to know Chutki's location.

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