Pandya Store 18th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 18th January 2024 episode starts with Dhawal talking to Natasha in his dreams but later on, he realizes that he was dreaming and he goes to search for Natasha.

In the meantime, Isha asks Suman why Cheeku is denying marriage so Amba tells her that he has gone to find Natasha as she is missing.

Dolly starts her drama by lying to everyone that Suhani is missing from her room which provokes Amresh’s anger and he decides to call the Police because he thinks Cheeku is responsible for this.

After that, everyone goes to find Suhani but Dolly along with Pranali and Hetal goes to search for Natasha.

On the other hand, Sandeep tries to kiss Natasha while Dhawal and Amresh notice them from the window and Natasha is not able to understand what is happening.

Amresh comes to where Dhawal is standing so Dhawal murmurs that Amresh shouldn't have seen this because he will create chaos after this so Dhawal goes from there saying that Natasha is doing wrong.

Meanwhile, Natasha breaks Sandeep’s phone and breaks the glass on his head after which blood comes from his head.

Elsewhere, Isha asks Cheeku if will he marry her or not while Cheeku tells her that Natasha is missing so how can he think of marrying her?

Hetal searches for Natasha along with Pranali and Dolly while Natasha calls them and hears her voice because they pass from the same room where Natasha is locked.

They open the door and find Natasha unconscious after which they try to wake her up so they sprinkle water over her face.

Natasha starts crying after recovering consciousness but falls unconscious again. 

Pranali examines her and tells Hetal that someone has given her the wrong medicine after that she suggests to Hetal and Dolly that they should make Natasha sit in mandap instead of Suhani.

Meanwhile, Amresh calls the police and asks them to arrest Cheeku because he has kidnapped Suhani which provokes Suman’s anger and she bursts in rage over Amresh.

Police assures Suman that if Cheeku is innocent then nothing wrong will happen to him but Isha asks Amresh how can he ask the Police to arrest the person whom she is about to marry.

Amresh makes a weird face and does not find it feasible to answer her whereas Pranali brings Natasha into Dolly's room and exchanges the bridal lehenga that Suhani is wearing with Natasha's lehenga. 

After that, Dolly does Natasha's make-up similar to Suhani's so that no one can recognize her.

Later, they bring her downstairs and tell a lie to everyone that Suhani is feeling uneasy that's why she is sitting on the terrace and they cover Natasha's face so that no one can recognize her.

Amba is happy to see Suhani as a bride but she is unaware that Natasha is going to sit in Suhani's place.

Hetal corrects Natasha's veil while Cheeku gets angry with the Makhwana family.

He says that Natasha is still missing after which Amresh holds his hand and asks him to go to room number one hundred-one where he will find Natasha with Sandeep.

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