Pandya Store 18th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 18th July 2023 episode starts with Dhara telling Hardik that the Pandya family has separated due to a change of views and opinions.

As Hardik looks at Dhara in shock, Dhara explains that everyone has moved on in their lives so they all want their share now.

Dhara further states that nothing is like the old times as everyone is changed when Hardik notices his father-in-law walking toward them.

He whispers to Dhara’s ear that his father-in-law thinks that the Pandya family is a symbol of togetherness so they have to make sure that the father-in-law does not come to know that the Pandya family has separated.

Dhara urges Hardik not to worry as she will make sure that the truth does not come out in front of his in-laws and Hardik lets out a sigh.

Meanwhile, Hardik's father-in-law orders a waiter to take the suitcase to his room which contains alcohol that he has specially brought out of Gujrat.

When he informs this Hardik, Hardik requests his father-in-law to let him help carry this but his father-in-law denies it, saying Hardik needs to focus on the wedding.

Dhara, however, sends the alcohol-filled suitcase to Suman's room by mistake so when Suman opens the briefcase in her room, she lets out a gasp in shock.

Suman contemplates calling Gautam to inform him since she needs to pee and she decides to call Gomby after she comes out of the washroom.

In her absence, the Pandya kids enter the room and they assume that the suitcase contains soft drinks after finding it on the floor so they steal a bottle.

When Suman comes out of the washroom, Krish arrives in the room with her bags while Suman urges him to hide the bag without anyone's notice.

Krish tears Suman about drinking who in return twists Krish's ear angrily, saying that Krish should make sure Gautam does not hear about the alcohol.

On the other hand, Dhara begs Raavi to act as if the whole Pandya family is still together in front of Hardik's in-laws as she does not want to humiliate Hardik and Raavi agrees.

Whereas, Shivank and Arushi set up their panipuri stall and Arushi orders Shivank to give the rest of the guests normal panipuri except the Pandya family.

In the meantime, the Pandya kids make Suman test their glasses of cold drinks in which alcohol is mixed and Suman gets intoxicated.

She roams around the hall, asking for Pandya's family when Dhara along with the rest of the family notices her.

As Suman accuses her sons of being "Joru Ka Gulam" and breaking the family, Dhara lies that they are re-constructing the Pandya house which is why Suman thinks they are separated.

Meanwhile, Prerna notices a glimpse of Shivank and Arushi in the mirror when she goes to eat panipuri and she freezes on the spot in panic.

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