Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 18th March 2023 episode starts with a drunk man telling Gautam and Krish about how the kids were hiding in a hole with a superhero.

He goes on to say that one villain came out of nowhere and the superhero flew away with the kids while Gomby and Krish continue asking the man if he has seen where the kids have gone.

Gautam snatches the alcohol bottle from the man saying that his mind will start working again if he drinks a few drops but Krish reminds Gomby that his mind will STOP working if he drinks the alcohol.

Krish’s eyes suddenly fall onto the wet soil and he gets surprised to find the kids’ footprints but the footprints are only available for a few distances only.

Krish expresses his worry about the kids getting kidnapped as he is earning quite well now and the whole of Somnath know about this.

Hearing this, Gomby scolds Krish for coming in front of the media while Krish just stares at Gomby sheepishly.

Meanwhile, Dev, Prerna, and Rishita also arrive near the cemetery in a cycle but before they enter the cemetery, they meet Krish and Gautam.

Gautam reveals that the kids were in the cemetery just a few minutes ago but now, they are gone from there.

They suddenly notice that the same creepy woman is running away with a kid while many people run after her calling her names.

Rishita orders everyone to run after the woman, assuming that the woman must be carrying one of their kids but when they get a hold of the woman, they find out that woman is carrying an infant.

Gautam calls the police whereas Krish questions if he can let out his Shweta frustration on this woman when everyone says NO at the same time.

Rishita questions the woman about if she has seen the kids and the woman replies that the last time. she saw the kids entering the cemetery.

Hearing this, the Pandya family again enters the cemetery to search for the kids.

On the other hand, the Pandya kids tell the superhero that they cannot run anymore while Natasha calls the superhero weak.

Just then, the superhero trips and falls to the ground and the kids come forward to help him to stand up.

They then notice the big minster coming toward them which scares them and they resume their running again.

Meanwhile, Suman, Dhara, and Raavi are eagerly waiting to know Shiva's whereabouts when the doctor arrives there to tell them that Shiva is uttering something in his sleep due to being restless.

Suman, Dhara, and Raavi get surprised when they hear Shiva shouting that he would run a bulldozer on his aunt for stealing Suman's bangle while he is in an unconscious state.

Raavi gets scared seeing Shiva like this but Dhara urges her to not worry as she is sure Shiva is alright as he is talking about fighting now.

The doctor also announces that Shiva is recovering very quickly and they can take him home now.

In the meantime, the Pandya kids urge the superhero to fight the evil monsters while they curse themselves for eating the pastry.

Scared Chiku calls Dhara to inform her about his location who begs Chiku to take care of himself and his siblings till she arrives there.

When Dhara informs Suman about Cheeku's call, Suman questions her if she is waiting for an auspicious moment to go.

Afterward, Suman promises God that she will let Chiku call her Grandma whereas the superhero escapes the monsters by driving the kids in a car.

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