Pandya Store 18th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 18th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 18th September 2023 episode starts with Natasha telling to Amba that finally she can go to meet Suman so Natasha says that she is going to pack her bag so that she can go on time.

Meanwhile, Amba tries to stop her from going inside the house as Pranali is lying unconscious on the floor.

On the other hand, Hetal and Dolly come to the hall and see Pranali lying on the floor while her head bleeds continuously.

They both get worried and Dolly tells Hetal that she already knew about it as she had seen Bhavin and Pranali fighting in the market.

She says that she has also recorded their fight on camera while Hetal asks Bhavin to call the doctor as soon as possible.

Hetal scolds Bhavin for fighting with Pranali while Amba sits with Natasha outside the house.

Till then Ambulance comes when Natasha asks Amba about it to which Amba lies that she has called it as she is not feeling well.

After that compounder comes out from the ambulance and asks for Pranali, Amba says that she is patient so her daughter-in-law Pranali calls called ambulance to admit her to the hospital.

After some time doctor comes and asks what problem she has so she asks him to check her BP as she is feeling anxious.

The doctor asks how can he check her here outside the house so Amba takes them inside the house and asks Natasha to wait for her.

After going inside she tells to doctor that she lied outside because she does not want to disclose it in front of Natasha as she would get tensed.

The doctor asks her to not overthink and then checks Pranali and does her bandaid.

He asks Bhavin to bring medicines and take utmost care of his wife Pranali.

After that Doctor goes from there and in a few minutes while Pranali also gains consciousness, she makes direct eye contact with Bhavin.

Bhavin holds her hand but she stares at him rudely and asks him to stay away from her while Hetal asks her to keep patience as she is not well.

Meanwhile, Dhawal comes back from college and takes Natasha with him to Pandya's house in his car.

On the other hand, Amresh reaches and sees Pranali in that condition when he asks what happened to her.

Hetal tells him everything that Pranali and Bhavin fought today in the market, after reaching home they both get involved in a heated argument, and by mistake, Bhavin pushes her from the stairs.

Amresh gets angry with Bhavin and strikes him hard on his face for doing all such mischievous things.

He also says that they both are ruining their family image by fighting like kids while Amba interrupts in between and says that all of these issues are happening just because of Natasha.

She says Natasha is trying to manipulate them so that there can be misunderstandings between their family.

Amresh asks where is she so Amba says that she has sent her to Pandya's house if she gets to know about it then for sure she will call the police.

After that Amresh scolds both Bhavin and Pranali, he especially warns Pranali to stop doing all these things or he will send her to her father's house forever.

On the other hand, Dhawal and Natasha are welcomed in the Pandya house with full prestige and feel happy to see them.

Later in the night, Dhawal secretly comes into Natasha's room while she is sleeping with Suman.

He comes near to her bed and whispers her name while she gets up and yells Suman thinks that a thief has entered in house so she asks for a stick from Natasha.

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