Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 19th December 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 19th December 2022 episode starts with Shweta commanding Krish to get the rest of the Pandya family to sign the documents stating that they are giving money to Shweta.

Krish gets stunned after hearing this and Shweta taunts that maybe Gautam forgot to tell him about the paper because of his age.

Afterward, Shweta picks up her begging plate and starts to beg, and walks away while Krish just stands there in shock.

Later, when Krish arrives in the house, Suman questions him with tears if he has also changed his name to use Dhara’s name in the middle.

Krish then tells them that Dev and Shiva did that disregarding Suman’s feelings but their intention was to make Dhara happy.

Further, Krish also adds that if they really want to make Dhara happy they should sign a different document.

Intrigued Raavi questions Krish as to what documents is he referring to.

In reply, Krish tells everyone that Shweta has asked for twenty-five lakhs and wants everyone to sign the papers.

On the other hand, food inspectors come to the Pandya Store to check for purity products and ask Gautam to show the warehouse.

Meanwhile, in the Pandya house, Rishita questions Krish about what if Shweta didn’t leave Somnath and further adds that Shweta is cunning and can manipulate easily.

Rishita further asks Raavi what she thinks and Raavi tells her clearly that she will not sign but Shiva says he will.

While everyone argues with each other, Suman orders everyone to get quiet and everyone falls silent.

Krish even announces that when no one in the house will help Gautam he will take anything down even if it is the reputation of the store and the true culprits will be the family members.

Hearing this Rishita contradicts and says Gautam is putting his reasons above everyone else’s and he thinks that the store is his alone.

At the same time, Gautam enters and informs everyone that he didn’t do anything wrong and he has always thought of this family before his own needs.

Holding Suman’s legs and pleading with her, Gomby announces in an emotional voice that Dhara’s and his own wishes are not bigger than the family’s.

He tells everyone that he returned the mixed-quality stuff as soon as he realized his mistake.

The flashback shows, Gomby returning the money to the dealer while muttering this store belongs to everyone so he cannot make any decision alone.

Presently, Gautam hugs Krish and thanks him for opening his eyes.

Suman intervenes and tells them that she will give 25 lakhs as she wants Shweta to leave her family alone and hearing this, everyone gets happy and agrees with this except Raavi.

However, Dhara announces she will stick to her decision only, and looking at Gautam, Dhara yells at him in a stern voice for not telling her this beforehand.

Later, Gomby meets Shweta with the rest of the Pandya family and orders her to take the money.

When Gomby announces everyone has signed the papers, Shweta yells she will not let Pandya’s family go this easily.

Shweta further announces they need to register the papers but Rishita strictly announces they will also go with her as everyone needs to be present.

Shweta feels bumped out for not thinking about it and urges Gautam to give her two hundred rupees.

However, Rishita announces she will cut the money from twenty-five lakh but Shweta walks away to meet the registered office.

Afterward, when Dhara mentions she is scared this will affect everyone’s happiness, all the Pandya family members tell her that it is not a big deal.

One by one all the family members walk away after giving lame excuses while Dhara and Gomby stand there in confusion.

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