Pandya Store 19th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 19th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 19th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 19th May 2023 episode starts with Shiva bringing Aru AKA Arushi home to introduce her to the family.

Suman greets Aru and takes her chair aside but Shiva follows her and tells her that he and Aru like each other.

She jokes about their liking and Dhara calls him Gadhera and the family laughs over them.

Shiva tells Suman that if Aru and he will complement each other then they can get married leaving the family shocked.

The kids discuss with each other that the parties in their family can never wrap up without a fight and they cut the cake and take their share to their room.

Further, Suman tells Shiva to get her stick but Krish goes to get it from her room.

Aru is shocked to notice that she is attending Dhara’s birthday party and remembers how her mother used to visit the temple on Dhara’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Aru’s mother is stressed about Aru’s short-tempered nature and worries about her confrontation with Dhara for the first time.

In the meantime, Suman wacks Shiva and tells him to sway away from the thought of getting married.

On the other hand, the kids enjoy their time in the room and discuss the wedding chaos in their family and promise each other not to get married ever.

Back in the hall, Suman tells Shiva that they are his well-wishers and suggeste him to not get married for a reason.

However, Shiva tells Suman that the family takes him as a servant and never thinks about his happiness.

He tells Suman that he has been taking care of the family for a while now and wants to settle in with Aru for his happiness.

Shiva tells Suman that he will get married to Aru even if they don’t agree with him.

Dhara furiously comes to Shiva and makes him leave Aru’s hand while Suman hands her the stick to thrash Shiva again.

Raavi holds Shiva’s hand and forcefully takes him with her.

Further, Dhara requests Aru to step out of the house as they do not want her to get married to their boy- Shiva.

Shiva, irked by Aru walking out of the house screams at Raavi to leave his hand.

He further tells Raavi that he would have thrown her out of the house if she was not his brother’s wife.

Suman yells at Shiva to not cross his line and scream at Raavi.

As Arushi walks back to her house, she cries her heart out as Dhara’s words echo in her ears.

Meanwhile, her mother keeps calling her and she picks it up and bashes her for Dhara’s behaviour.

Shiva falls unconscious!

Back in the Pandya house, Raavi asks Shiva to look into her eyes and search for their past.

However, Suman asks Raavi to stop disclosing the truth but she refuses to hear her.

Shiva looking into Raavi’s eyes remembers his time with her and their wedding vows and falls unconscious.

The family rushes to him and Suman taunts Raavi for Shiva’s condition.

Raavi is inconsolable while Gomby asks her for Shiva’s medicine.

Shweta is happy enjoying the drama in the Pandya house.

On the other hand, Arushi returns to her house and her mother asks about her condition.

Arushi is Dhara's STEP-SISTER!

She is about to blurt out the truth but stops in time and Arushi confronts her as she announces that Dhara is her step-sister.

Arushi is inconsolable and she blames her mother for always putting her second to Dhara.

Meanwhile, Gomby gets a pastry for Dhara but she bashes him and the family members for celebrating this evil day and cries her heart out.

Gautam tries pacifying Dhara and makes her understand that she has always stood for everyone’s happiness and tells her to seek happiness for herself as well.

He grabs Dhara’s hands and gives her his swear to cut the pastry as Dhara’s eyes are filled with love for Gautam’s adorable effort for her.

They cut the cake and find solace in each other's arms.

Meanwhile, Arushi’s mother makes her understand that she has cheated on Dhara for her and is still being questioned by her for her love.

Back in the Pandya house, hungry Shweta makes a plate for herself and eats Papaya.

However,  Dhara snatches her plate and reminds her of eating Papaya during pregnancy leaving her speechless.

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