Pandya Store 19th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 19th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 19th November 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 19th November 2022 episode starts with Dhara packing her suitcase when Gautam enters the room.

Looking at Dhara, Gautam also starts packing a bag without saying anything and Dhara urges Gautam to speak.

Gautam then tells that he knows Raavi can never betray Shiva and that nothing is going on between Raavi and Arnav.

He further defends Suman and Shiva’s actions by announcing that if anyone sees Raavi’s report, they will assume that only.

He even informs Dhara that he will go with her while Dhara stares at him with sad eyes.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Swetha questions the junior doctor if he knows who signed Raavi’s reports.

Hearings this, though the junior doctor feels terrified, he calmly lies that since he is a junior doctor so hence he does not have the right to perform the surgery.

After the junior doctor walks away, Rishita gets confused as she does not know what to do next.

In the meantime, Gautam tells Dhara that he will also leave the Pandya house with her but Dhara retorts by saying that right now they need to focus on Raavi only and find out who stole the papers.

While putting her hands on Gautam’s, Dhara even reminds Gautam that this family will crumble down if Gautam does not take care of Suman and Shiva.

Gautam nods after hearing this and kisses Dhara’s forehead lovingly while Dhara cries on his shoulder.

 Later, seeing Dhara coming down the stairs with her luggage, Suman along with Shiva just gazes at her.

Recalling her memories with happy memories with the Pandya family, Dhara stumbles on her steps with an upset expression and Gautam holds Dhara.

When Suman turns her wheelchair again towards Dhara, she and Dhara stare at each other with uncertain emotions swirling in their eyes.

At the same time, Dhara hears Chiku’s crying but before she can walk away, Suman yells that Chiku is not Dhara’s son so Dhara cannot go to him in a firm voice.

Suman even orders Swetha to calm Chiku down but Dhar runs towards Chiku’s room regardless.

After bringing Chiku into the hall, Dhara announces that Chiku will go with her since Chiku’s grandparents have given her the responsibility.

Noticing Suman’s stone face, Swetha comes forward and starts crying while saying that she cannot stay away without Chiku.

With crocodile tears, Swetha even begs Suman to let Dhara stay but Suman orders Swetha to stop.

Swetha even begs Dhara, not to mind Suman’s words when Krish comes forward and reminds Swetha that she is here till Dhara has Chiku in her lap.

Thinking another problem is going away, Swetha tells Dhara that she knows only Dhara can take care of Chiku better.

Afterward, Dhara advises the Pandya brothers to always one should stay home as Swetha is new.

She then tries to touch Suman’s feet but Suman turns her feet away with an emotionless face.

After glancing at angry Shiva one last time, Dhara starts walking away while tears roll down her cheeks.

Suman however turns away as she is not able to bear to look at Dhara walking away.

When Dhara is about to cross the threshold, Raavi joins her and they both together get out of the house.

While everyone is looking at Dhara and Raavi’s sad eyes, Swetha smirks.

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