Pandya Store 1st December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 1st December 2023 episode starts with Natasha fighting the goons while Dhawal asks her to run away from there.

She seeks help from the stranger while J.C.B demolishes the whole building of the Pandya store which breaks the heart of Pandyas. 

Natasha calls Cheeku, asking him for help but he taunts her that in a few minutes, their Pandya store will be completely demolished.

She is shocked to hear that but Cheeku asks her not to behave the way as if she does not know anything and cuts the call.

Further, Natasha recalls how Dhawal acted in front of her and took signatures from her. 

She runs to Pandya Niwas while the goons also start following her.

Elsewhere, Suman and Shesh keep on crying when Natasha reaches there after some time.

She is shocked to see that her store is being ruined like this while she picks up the photo frame of Dhara and Gautam, recalling the way they used to love her.

Cheeku comes and snatches the frame from her hand as he does not allow her to touch any photo, saying that she has lost all her rights.

He removes all the photos and goes outside of the store while Natasha comes behind him, justifying herself but Cheeku yells at her, saying that she has also become like Makhwana.

He asks her to leave while Shesh states that he knew Natasha’s intention from childhood and asks Suman to question Natasha.

Suman becomes numb and just stares at Natasha while Shesh says that finally, Natasha has bought them on the road.

Natasha asks them to stop blaming her as Pandya store was her life but Shesh taunts her for being reluctant.

However,  Natasha asks him to show her past mistakes as if she has made a blunder.

Meanwhile, Cheeku shows the paper to her which she has signed while Natasha feels embarrassed after seeing the paper.

Cheeku asks her to answer him when she accepts that she signed the papers,  making Cheeku say that he has been deceived by his sister.

She tries to tell him how Dhawal took her signatures while Shesh shows that she is greedy and for money, she snatched their only source of income without thinking about them.

He asks her how can she do this while Cheeku tells her to go from there.

Meanwhile,  Suman interferes, saying that Natasha is their sister so they should not talk like this to her as if she has done this, there might be some reason.

Natasha cries in her lap while Suman says that she knew from earlier that Makhwana’s had an eye on the store.

Suman does not say anything to her and takes her side, saying that last time she came back after fighting with her in-laws for the store.

She says that she can even sacrifice her life for Natasha and the store isn’t a big thing while Dhawal comes to know that the Pandya store has been demolished and he goes to see it.

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