Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 1st February 2023 episode starts with Shesh, Mitthu, and Cheeku wanting to play with each other however, Raavi and Rishita doesn't allow them.

News of a tiger getting released in the open makes the whole Pandya house worried while Dhara asks Krish and Prerna to stay with them for today.

Suman takes Prerna to the well and asks her to open it while Krish watches them from a distance.

Suman whispers to Prerna to act like she is fetching water out of the well so that Krish does not find out that Suman is trying to talk to her.

Prerna accidentally drops the bucket in the well and says that she is too excited to meet them for the first time as Krish has told a lot about them to her.

Suman asks her how many KGs of bad-mouthing has Krish done to her about them.

Prerna says that if Suman does not mind, she has to say something while Suman stops her and tells her that she has a big mind.

Dhara tells Suman that Prerna wants to ask her something and is not questioning her brain capacity.

Prerna says that Krish loves them a lot but is quite upset because of the incident that happened in the past.

Suman asks Prerna to do some miracle that will bring all the brothers together if she wants to marry Krish.

She then asks Prerna to make a ‘sentimental’ dish but Dhara corrects her and says ‘continental’.

Suman looks fiercely at Dhara and asks her to sit in her wheelchair while Dhara constantly apologizes to her.

Suman asks Prerna if she will be able to do it or not to which Prerna says that it is impossible to bring the brothers together.

Suman puts a hand on her head and says that this is the problem with foreign girls as they fail to bind the family together.

However, Prerna seeks Suman's blessings and says that she will try her best.

Meanwhile, Krish goes to his old bedroom and starts getting haunted by the painful memories of the past.

Krish spreads the mattress on the floor and lies down there as he cannot bear to sleep on the bed on which Shweta once put her feet on.

Outside the house, Shiva asks Gomby to make him a drink because he is just done with everything.

Gomby gives Shiva a drink while Shiva then calls the police saying that his brother Gomby is drinking in the dry state of Gujarat.

Gomby runs after him and promises not to drink again and takes the phone from Shiva's hand but he sees that Shiva called nobody.

The next day, Shweta calls someone who owes her 2 lakh rupees as she has to get her daughter, Natasha, treated.

Shweta goes to the sets of the movie and finds out that they have replaced Natasha.

Back at the Pandya house, Prerna is trying her best to cook something and is confused between all the ingredients.

Prerna then finds Shesh, Mithu, and Chiku playing and calls them inside the kitchen.

She gives them a tiger dress and asks them to wear these and come to the window once she signals.

Prerna also tells them to wiggle their tails when she looks at them while Dhara watches them from a distance and wonders what Prerna is trying to do.

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