Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 1st January 2024 episode starts with Natasha asking god to answer her question about why he always snatches the people she loves the most.

She cries her lungs out by asking why all the wrong things happen to her whereas Amba decides to eat poison to bring Isha back to Makhwana's house.

She feels uneasy and she gets unconscious while Natasha says that she loves Dhawal a lot and cannot live without him.

She murmurs that tomorrow is the last day of their marriage and the start of Dhawal’s new life, wondering how can she leave the person she loves the most.

Natasha questions god if they were not meant for each other then why did they meet each other, saying that now some other girl will take her place in Dhawal’s life and says that whichever relation god makes is weak.

Meanwhile, Pranali brings juice and fruits for Amba but after seeing Amba lying on the floor, she gets shocked and starts shouting.

Everyone comes and makes her lie on the bed as they try to wake up her but she does not respond when Dhawal finds that she has done an overdose of medicine.

Amresh thinks that Amba is acting so he goes near Amba and murmurs in her ears that he will not bring Isha back so she should stop her drama.

Dhawal gets worried whereas Pranali checks her pulse, saying that it's working slowly and that they have to admit her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Natasha requests god to save her marriage while Pranali says that Amba’s BP is getting low leading Dhawal to call Ambulance.

Amresh cuts the call, saying that Pranali will do her treatment and she asks everyone to go out while Natasha sleeps in the temple.

Suman comes there, complaining to god for putting Natasha in such a bad situation and asks him to bring happiness into her life.

Pranali tells everyone that she has removed all the medicines from her stomach and that in the morning she will be completely fine.

Chirag says that he will postpone all the things but Amresh says it’s not necessary to postpone as Amba will get well soon.

Amresh asks Hetal to sleep with Amba and the next day, Amresh finds Amba sitting in the garden when the media comes there, asking why Dhawal’s marriage broke, Isha escaped with her lover and Amba tries to succeed.

Meanwhile, Amresh says that all these things are rumours and Dhawal asks everyone to stay away from their family matters.

Amba asks Amresh to accept that they are happy with Isha’s marriage then, people will stop making things about them.

She adds that she will do anything for Isha while Natasha along with Pandya reaches the court for the final proceedings of divorce and Makhwana also reaches there.

Suman asks Natasha not to get weak and reminds her that she is always on the top while Suhani tells Dhawal that she is with him and asks him to get freedom from his wedding.

He thanks her and looks into Natsaha’s eye, murmuring that from now he will look forward in life.

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