Pandya Store 1st June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 1st June 2023 episode starts with the mini Pandya brothers bringing Prerna out of the house who is screaming in pain.

Prerna urges Chiku to let her sit as she can no longer walk, and Chiku puts her down on the floor.

As Prerna clutches her stomach in pain, the Pandya kids start looking around for an auto when Chiku’s eyes fall on a nearby cart.

Once Prerna lies down on the cart, the Pandya kids start pushing the cart to take her to the hospital.

As they are taking Prerna to the hospital, the cart collides with a pole which causes Prerna to whine in pain.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Krish and Dev are paying the bill at the reception counter and De whispers that it is better that Shweta is shifted to the general ward.

The ward boy is taking Shweta to the room when she notices the kids walking in with Prerna on the stretcher.

She orders the ward boy to stop as she wants to see what has happened with Prerna and Krish also rushes to Prerna after noticing her.

Prerna reveals to Krish how she fell and now her stomach is hurting and Chiku also comes forward to inform Krish about how Prerna fall while tugging him to dance.

Hearing this, Dev calls Rishita to let her know Prerna’s situation and as Rishita tells Suman about it, Suman mutters that her problems are never-ending.

When the Pandya family arrives at the hospital, Shiva comments that Prerna should recover soon as he has other things to handle.

Raavi overhears Shiva’s words so she starts arguing with Shiva and Shiva yells that he is silent only because of Dev.

Their argument irritates everyone and Krish urges Shiva to stay mute for his sake as his face is like a punctured tire so until he hears Prerna’s reports Shiva should keep his mouth closed.

On the other hand, Malti Devi gets stunned to find Arushi dressed up like Dhara and Arushi announces that she will also learn Dhara’s qualities to see why everyone loves Dhara so much.

Malti Devi tries to change Arushi’s mind by requesting her to let Dhara live peacefully but Arushi angrily yells that since her childhood Malti has compared her to Dhara so now it is finally time to become Dhara.

She blames Malti Devi for bringing her here as it has caused her to recall the painful memories while Malti Devi softly tells Arushi that she does not need to become Dhara as she is perfect the way she is.

At the same time, the doorbell rings and when Malti Devi goes to open it, she gets surprised to see Dhara standing at the door.

Before Dhara can say anything, Arushi throws a flower vase at Dhara but Dhara dodges it successfully.

It makes Malti Devi so angry that she slaps Arushi on her cheek and Arushi announces that Malti Devi has proved today that Dhara is her favourite daughter.

However, Dhara is unbothered by this chaos, instead, she accuses Malti Devi of returning to Somnath to sustain herself after her rich husband died.

She blames Arushi for running after a married man which causes Arushi to get angry so she promises Dhara that she has accepted the challenge.

Arushi even throws Dhara's money at her only while yelling that now she will definitely marry Shiva no matter what.

Back at the hospital, everyone's eyes widen in shock when Krish reveals that he is the father of Prerna's baby.

Suman comments that she will get a heart attack in her kidney while Gomby scolds Krish for driving the car without a license and for doing an accident.

Meanwhile, Rishita and Raavi praise their husbands for being perfect gentlemen.

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