Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 1st March 2023 episode starts with a heated argument happening between Raavi and Dhara in the courtyard of Pandya Nivas.

Upstairs, Natasha feels hungry, to which Shweta takes her downstairs in order to feed her something.

While coming down, Natasha witnesses the argument, and Rishita, notices that Natasha asks her mother if they could leave the house to prevent the "bad woman" from spoiling her things again.

Rishita is hurt but helpless at the same time.

Raavi leaves the argument, questioning Dhara about what kind of arrangement had she prepared for Shiva, and accusing her that she was just claiming things in the air.

Dhara remembers leaving Prerna outside but isn't able to find her outside, after which she calls Prerna.

Prerna, who is hiding in one of the boxes, is scared of being noticed and quickly switches her phone off, only narrowly escaping from Shweta's notice.

Dhara is frightened and asks Chiku, Mithu and Shesh, who are playing outside if they had seen Prerna "Chachi" to which Chiku replies that he recalled seeing her behind the truck.

Dhara hurriedly rushes towards the truck, calling out for Prerna, in vain.

Meanwhile, Raavi looks at her things being transferred into her room, incapable of doing anything about it.

She gets shocked when she catches Prerna coming out of one of the boxes.

Prerna urges Raavi to be quiet who wanted a genuine explanation for her presence in her boxes which were supposed to be filled with her belongings from her old house.

Prerna tells her how she couldn't tolerate Shweta being close to Krish and explains how she loved him, to which Raavi tells her that she knows this is all Dhara's teachings.

Raavi leaves the room in anger, leaving Prerna alone.

Raavi comes outside and quietly requests Dhara to remove her "things" from her room.

Dhara then understands that Prerna has managed to come inside the house and is very happy, thanking Lord Somnath for listening to her prayers.

She then apologizes to Raavi for arguing with her too much in her anger but requests her to understand that she loves her.

She discloses to Raavi that she has made proper arrangements for her and Shiva's stay at the house which is situated behind Pandya Nivas, but now it is Raavi's responsibility to keep Shiva away from noticing Shweta until Dhara herself removes her from all of their lives.

Dhara then stealthily brings all Prerna's belongings, but quickly hides, seeing Shweta approaching, but forgets one suitcase behind.

Shweta notices the suitcase and comes near it, questioning herself to whom it could belong.

She then assures herself by saying that it must be of Raavi and then leaves.

In the evening, Shweta is busy enjoying listening to songs when Krish arrives in the room and hands the "necklace" to Shweta.

Prerna is spying on both of them from afar, helpless for not being able to stop Shweta from touching Krish.

Shweta is very happy and requests Krish to put the hook of the necklace but Krish refuses and leaves.

Meanwhile, Natasha arrives there and greets Prerna, which gains the attention of Shweta who asks herself whom Natasha is greeting to.

However, Prerna and Krish, get alert to know for sure that Shweta heard Natasha.

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