Pandya Store 1st November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st November 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 1st November 2022 episode starts with Suman telling Dhara that if Shweta makes any more mistakes again then she will throw Dhara out of the house too.

Dhara agrees and announces she will not give Suman any more chances to complain.

Raavi then questions Suman if Suman wants tea again and Suman orders Raavi to leave and bids farewell to her.

After Raavi and Dhara walk away, Suman thanks Rishita for revealing Shweta’s truth to the family.

On the other hand, Dev and Gautam discuss their plan of sending Raavi and Shiva on the Goa trip and Shiva overhears them.

Shiva quickly thinks Raavi will not get any Diwali vacation and he will not be the bad person here.

Gautam however urges Dev to make sure Rishita talks to Raavi and Raavi gets some days off from work.

Recalling how he has always promised Rishita of going to Goa trip, scared Dev falls near Gautam’s feet and begs him not to tell his wife otherwise Rishita will get very angry with him.

Gautam nods and promises that he will send Dev and Rishita on the Goa trip next year.

Meanwhile, in the office, Raavi thinks of inviting Arnav to Pandya’s house but recalling Shiva’s anger changes her mind.

Elsewhere, in Pandya’s house, Krish informs confused Shweta sternly that from now on she will sleep on the new bed and put her clothes in the new closet.

However, Shweta denies sleeping on the tiny bed and Krish sarcastically remarks that beggars cannot be choosers.

This remark makes Shweta angry and she reminds him that she will leave with Chiku.

Dhara enters the room at the same time and tells Krish that it is very easy to break relationships but it takes a long time to rebuild them.

Krish lies that he has brought a new bed for Chiku and Dhara feels sad after hearing it.

However, Dhara dismisses the thought and walks away.

After Dhara leave, Krish turns to Shweta and orders Shweta not to use Chiku as a bait.

He further adds that his family was happy before Chiku came so his family will learn again how to be happy without Chiku again.

Shweta however tells herself that she will prove to everyone that Dhara is misusing Chiku’s trust fund money tomorrow.

Later in the night, during dinner, Rishita urges Gautam to celebrate Diwali grandly but Gautam announces they will simplistically celebrate Diwali.

Shweta arrives there with kheer and serves it to everyone but they all refuse to eat.

Suman then informs Shweta that no one wants to fall unconscious again and to prove herself right, she eats kheer.

Shweta pretends to be unconscious and Rishita and Suman happily tell each other that they knew Shweta will run away with jewels.

After everyone seats to eat again, Shweta picks up a knife to harm herself because no one is talking to her.

However, Dhara orders Shweta to calm down as winning trust is not instant noodles and it takes a lot of time for it.

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