Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 20th January 2024 episode starts with Natasha telling Dhawal that she does not need any character certificate from him.

After that, Cheeku decides to go back to his house while Amba gets tensed and requests him to stop but Cheeku asks her to not do any drama.

He tells Amba that he and Isha have been already married so they need not do anything further.

Meanwhile, guests start making fun of the Makhwana family whereas Isha goes with the Pandya family.

At the same time, Arvind says that he cannot tolerate anything wrong happening with Suhani so Amresh assures him that Dhawal and Suhani's wedding will take place.

On the other hand, after coming out of the marriage hall, Natasha finds Sandeep so she goes behind him but he escapes from there and drives his car chasing Natasha.

Natasha throws her dupatta to distract him and he meets with an accident but Natasha catches hold of him and scolds him harassing her.

After that, Cheeku also comes there and supports Natasha so she beats him ruthlessly and Suman also asks Natasha to beat Sandeep.

Natasha recalls everything about how he tried to get close to her which provokes her anger and she keeps on beating her.

Suman and Isha ask her to stop otherwise he will die while Makhwana family comes out to see what has happened and Amba curses Natasha.

Hetal says that Natasha is not wrong whereas Natasha herself gives justification that Sandeep gave her anesthesia and took her in a room for his benefit.

After hearing all these things, Dhawal gets angry with Sandeep and cannot resist beating Sandeep so he slaps him and punches him in the stomach.

In the meantime, police come there and arrest Sandeep while Dhawal regrets questioning Natasha's character and he asks for an apology from Natasha.

Dhawal tells Amresh that they should not have questioned Natasha and after that, he loses his control which panics Suhani.

Suhani expresses his fear to Arvind that Dhawal will cancel the wedding after all these things after which Arvind assures her that Amresh has promised him that nothing wrong will happen with Suhani.

At the same time, Cheeku goes and asks for an apology from Natasha that he failed in taking care of his younger sister after which he promises to her that no one will able to touch her further.

Then, Natasha hugs him and starts crying her lungs out so Suman tells Cheeku that they should go back home after which Cheeku wipes Natasha's tears and they return home.

Meanwhile, Dhawal comes behind the Pandya family, and Makhwanas are shocked to see that while Dhawal comes in front of Natasha and hugs her.

Amresh is surprised to Dhawal hugging Natasha but Dhawal does not think of anything at this moment and starts crying while hugging Natasha which brings tears to her eyes also.

Suman feels happy that Dhawal is realizing his mistake but Natasha pushes Dhawal away from her.

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