Pandya Store 20th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 20th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 20th June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 20th June 2023 episode starts with Suman explaining to Dhara that Chiku is a child and therefore is not in a stage to accept the fact that he has two mothers.

Suman shows Dhara the mirror 

Dhara is startled and asks Suman how she can state this as even Krish, Dev, and Shiva also have two mothers.

She says this as Suman who gave birth to them and Dhara who raised them, while they still consider her as their mother.

To this, suman states they did so because she let them slip out of her hands.

Meanwhile, Arushi asks Malti to quickly pack her bags but Malti is seen reluctant.

Arushi questions why Malti is disgruntled even when she is doing what she always wanted and asks whether she has reunited with her first daughter.

To this, Malti shares that she is stunned that Dhara understood her for the first time and she does not intend to leave her this time to mess up the new matters.

On the other hand, Suman explains that kids are like sand, if we freely hold them, they remain static but if we grip them, they slip out of hands.

She advises Dhara to slacken Chiku, so that even after being with Shweta, he would still consider Dhara.

Meanwhile, Arushi says she cannot stay at Somnath after doing such wrongful deeds with the Pandyas and declares she wants to apologize to Dhara.

Arushi throws a condition that Malti should always choose her out of Dhara and leave Somnath with her after all the things settle as the two embrace each other.

ShiVi's first night 

On the other hand, Raavi comes in bringing milk for their nuptial night and embraces Shiva saying she waited for seven years for this moment.

Shiva apologizes to Raavi while Raavi suggests they should visit Mandir to thank God that he helped Shiva regain his memory at the right time to which Shiva agrees.

He goes on to share that he is worried that Arushi may come back into his life and destroy his whole family, while Raavi recalls Arushi's insanity and tells Shiva she cannot lose him again.

Shiva grasps Raavi's cheeks and assures her that nothing shall go wrong, while saddened Raavi asks him whether he loves Arushi.

Shiva denies it and says no one can come between them, while Raavi comforts him that everyone is not similar to Shweta who only intends to revenge and they feel relieved.

Later, Raavi trips over Shiva while he embraces her tightly, pecking her all over her face and they consummate their marriage.

Meanwhile, Shweta strokes Chiku and explains to him Dhara is his mother and well-wisher, so he should not have talked to her rudely.

Dhara standing by the door becomes uncomfortable seeing Shweta so close to Chiku and is about to venture in when she recalls Suman's statements and backs off.

The next day, Rishita calls out all the kids while they come running, ready for their schools.

The children ask Chiku, why he is not wearing a new uniform while Dhara explains to Chiku that the others are going to school for the first time and she will buy him new clothes, only when the new one ill-suits him.

Chiku wraths and tells Dhara now he knows she is not his biological mother.

Next, a neighbor rushes and asks the Pandyas how they could send their children to school knowing that aliens have attacked Somnath and have killed 4 people.

Rishita scolds the lady to scare the children and leads them to school while Dhara stays back saying she has some work.

In school, Chiku gets into a fight with his classmate as he jested him and the teacher suspends both of them.

Meanwhile, Dhara receives a call from Malti who says they shall leave the city, and asks her if she is ready to meet Arushi as Arushi wants to apologize to her.

Hearing this, Dhara happily agrees while Arushi smirks thinking that today is Dhara's last day.

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