Pandya Store 20th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 20th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 20th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 20th March 2023 episode starts with Shweta yelling “surprise” while the Pandya family just stares at her with confusion.

Rishita expresses her worry about Shweta manipulating the kids and Dhara also comments that Shweta is still drunk.

Meanwhile, before leaving, Shweta orders the kids to start asking firey questions to their parents.

Dhara along with others goes to hug the kids while Shweta’s words echo in the kids’ minds about the parents not being their real parents.

Chiku pushes Dhara away saying that Dhara is not his real mom while Shesh, Mithu, and Natasha also push the rest of the Pandya family away.

As Dhara stares at Chiku with wide eyes, Chiku reveals that he overheard Dhara’s conversation in the market about him not being her son.

He goes on to say that he along with other kids were leaving the house when Shweta revealed the truth to him.

Grabbing Chiku’s arms, Dhara tries to make him understand that she is his real mom only and that she did not mean it that way while Chiku refuses to listen to anything.

Just then, Shesh also announces that now he also knows the truth confusing Rishita and Dev.

Dev asks Shesh what kind of truth he knows since there is nothing hidden about his birth and Shesh states that he knows Rishita and Dev has brought him from a garbage bin.

Hearing this, Rishita hugs Shesh reminding him that she is his original mom however Shesh does not believe her.

At the same time, Mithu reveals that he knows Raavi is his real mom but Shiva is not his real father catching everyone by surprise.

Mithu even points a finger at Dev claiming that Dev is his real father resulting in Rishira glaring at Dev.

Dev urges Rishita to calm down while he tries to make Mithu understand that Shiva is his real father and Mithu accuses Dev of lying.

When the other kids stop talking, Natasha states that now it is her time to reveal the truth and Dev whispers that at least one person knows the real truth.

However, Rishita’s hopes are crushed as Natasha calls Dhara her real mom whereas Chiku states that Rishita is his real mom.

Rishita starts urging Natasha to call her mom seeing which Shesh comments that now he is fully sure that Rishita has adopted him as she is giving attention to Natasha only.

The confusion continues to grow among the Pandya family as the kids refuse to believe the truth and they continue accusing the Pandya family of lying.

Dev rushes to hug Shesh who in return demands to check the garbage to learn who is his real parents and Mithu orders Shesh to stay away from Dev since Dev is his dad.

At the same time, Dhara takes Gomby aside to discuss that she has no problem with Chiku calling Rishita mom and that she wants to reveal the truth later.

Meanwhile, the Pandya kids go to hug Shweta who is enjoying the drama from upstairs while the Pandya turn to give Shweta death glares.

Afterward, Suman arrives at Pandya's house with Shiva and she questions everyone about what her house flowers are doing with stinky Shweta.

She orders the kids to come to her, especially Chiku and she orders Chiku to call her "grandma" from now bringing a big smile to Chiku's face.

Just then, Shesh announces that from now on he will call Suman "Koi-Ni" since slim figure aunty aka Rishita and white-handsome uncle aka Dev are not his real parents. 

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