Pandya Store 21st April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 21st April 2023 episode starts with the judge announcing that it is clear that Shweta is guilty as per all the proofs.

Shweta’s mouth falls open as the judge grants Krish the divorce and a big smile spread over his face.

She watches in disbelief as the Pandya family celebrates their win inside the courtroom.

Dhara on the other hand sighs in relief upon hearing the news and she walks away from the courtroom door without letting anyone know her presence.

Meanwhile, Suman starts playing the dhol outside the court as soon as the Pandya family comes out of the court and Shiva along with Rishita starts dancing while they make faces at Shweta.

Shiva gives Shweta her suitcase, claiming that she should leave from there only as their hands will be dirty if they try to throw her out of the Pandya house.

Shweta however just then announces that she still has one more thing in this Pandya house so she turns around to smile at Natasha.

She urges Natasha to come with her who yanks her hand away from Shweta, instead, Natasha hides behind Dhara’s back.

Natasha calls Shweta a “thief”, saying that she does not want to go with her as she stole her from the Pandya family.

Shweta then runs to Chiku, announcing that he is also her son so now she will take him with her but Chiku questions her why she sold him if he was her son.

He goes on to say that he dislikes her and Dhara both and that he loves his family very much so he will never go with someone like Shweta.

Rishita comes forward just then asking Shweta if two child rejection is still not enough for her to which Shweta replies that Rishita should understand that Natasha will never be hers as Dhara has given Natasha her kidney.

Shweta yells Rishita will feel rejected just like her since Natasha is attached to Dhara when Rishita asks Shweta if she still has something else to say, rolling her eyes.

At the same time, Dhara comes forward and she lands a tight slap on Shweta's face who looks at Dhara with pure hatred.

Shweta then finally walks away from the court, promising that she will return soon while Dhara makes it clear that she only came for Chiku's security.

Suman tries to melt Dhara's anger by asking her to start arranging Krish as she is assistant mother-in-law yet Dhara walks away from the court without saying anything.

Later, the whole Pandya family except Dhara is having their dinner when Shiva asks Suman why she has not married him to anyone yet.

He explains that Gautam, Dev, and Krish all have become "peticoatchap" except him so now he also wants to be a groom and that he wants to marry someone who is unlike Raavi.

Suman replies that no one would marry a stupid person like Shiva causing Raavi to give her death glares.

However, their happy mood gets ruined as Dhara takes her food and walks back to her room without saying anything to anyone.

The next day, Dhara is going to Chiku's school when she notices Shweta talking to Shivank whose face is hidden by the pillar so as she walks close to the building, she does not find Shivank.

She then challenges Shweta that she will make Krish and Prerna's marriage happen within forty-eight hours who in return persuade Dhara to join her as nobody cares for Dhara in the Pandya family.

Dhara then puts her hand in Shweta's hand without saying anything and Shweta pushes her away, claiming that she knows Dhara wants to join her only to know the true plan.

Shweta also yells that she accepts the challenge since she knows Dhara cannot resolve Krish and Prerna's issues.

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