Pandya Store 21st August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st August 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st August 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 21st August 2023 episode starts with Amresh arriving at the Pandya Nivas while Suman is waiting for him outside the house.

Amresh lets out a sigh of relief when he spots Suman outside the house and says that he panicked to see her call at midnight but she seems fine.

However, Suman tells him about Dhawal’s words that he doesn’t want to marry Natasha for the Pandya store and she questions Amresh if Dhawal’s saying the truth.

Amresh confirms that Dhawal never lies and he has some genuine feelings for Natasha while he also mentions that it will be great if Natasha becomes part of the family.

Further, Suman informs Amresh about Natasha’s dream to work in MNC and tells him that her marriage should not come between her dreams when Amresh immediately gets ready and agrees to her request.

Later, Suman gets emotional while talking about the Pandya store and requests Amresh to protect it as it’s their pride while Amresh tells her that he will protect the store like it’s his own.

When Amresh leaves, he pitches to have a meeting of both families in a restaurant to finalize the wedding dates and Suman agrees to him jovially.

The next day, Suman along with Shesh, Mithu, and Natasha is staring at the photo frames of her late members informing them about the meeting they have with the Makwana.

Suman becomes emotional and tells Rishita that she has got the world's best boy family for Natasha and everything is perfectly fine but says that only their presence is lacking.

However, Shesh, Mithu, and Natasha become nostalgic, and with teary eyes, they hug Suman.

At the restaurant, the Makwana family is waiting for the Pandya family when Amresh questions Amba’s presence and realizes that she is angry with him.

Meanwhile, Pranali expresses her grief to Bhavin about Natasha’s life which is going to be destroyed after marrying Dhawal.

Just then, the Pandya family arrives at the restaurant when the Makwana greets them with love and honor.

Amresh tells Dhawal and Natasha to go and spend some alone time before the marriage to know each other well.

Further, Amba rushes to the restaurant and calls Amresh aside as she has something very important to inform him of.

Amba shows the Pandya store papers to Amresh and reveals that the store is still registered in Gautam Pandya and Dhara Padnya’s name which shocks Amresh.

Amba adds that Suman lied about the store and that it’s registered in Natasha’s name while the store still belongs to Yashodhan Pandya (Chuiku) son of Dhara Pandya and Gautam Pandya 

Later, Amba asks Chameli to say pencil and Amba completes the sentence with ‘ye shadi cancel’. 

Elsewhere, Natasha holds Dhawal’s hand and is lost in his eyes when Dhawal reminisces about Amresh's words when he told him how Hetal started loving him after the marriage and Dhawal pulls his hand gradually.

Amba provokes Amresh to cancel this marriage since Suman lied about the store and for acquiring it, Dhawa doesn’t need to marry Natasha. 

While Amresh goes to Suman and tells him about Chirag and Dolly’s wedding date asking for her confirmation on Dhawal and Natasha’s marriage on the same date.

Amresh wonders about the whole matter and thanks Amba for informing him since if the store is not registered in Natasha’s name then he will make sure to register the store in his name.

However, this shocks Amba as she was expecting Amresh to cancel the wedding and she stares at him with fury in her eyes.

Later, the whole Makwana family greets Natasha with love and hugs her for congratulating her on the marriage.

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