Pandya Store 21st December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 21st December 2023 episode starts with a Tribal woman warning the students not to go to another corner of the forest if they want to be alive.

One of the men advises them not to come out of their tent before five in the morning so all go inside their tent.

Elsewhere, Isha gives coffee to everyone while Amba asks her to rest because she only has a few days in this house as soon as she gets married.

Dolly tells Amba that Natasha and Dhawal are at the same place in camp and their mind is so unpredictable but Amba says that Dhawal himself said yes to Suhani.

Amba asks Amresh to call Dhawal and ask him to come back when he says that he will come on his own while Isha’s phone keeps on ringing leading Amba to ask her to receive the call.

Isha lies that her friend is calling so she goes outside to pick up the call, making Amresh suspicious and asking Amba why she couldn't pick up the call in front of them.

Amba asks him to focus on Dhawal right now while Pranali tells Hetal that Natasha isn’t there still she is having an impact on Amba and Amresh.

Meanwhile, the tribal group roams at night and asks Dhawal to sleep inside otherwise, anything wrong can happen to him.

Dhawal still sleeps outside while Natasha hears the wild voices of animals and she wakes up.

She comes outside and falls over Dhawal while he gets terrified to see her while Natasha murmurs that she cannot tell him that she is afraid.

She lies to him that she wants him to sleep inside along with her otherwise, if something wrong happens to him, his family will kill her.

The instructor orders them to go inside and sleep otherwise, Dhawal’s suspension letter will be ready before going to college, Natasha gets terrified and hears wild voices.

Elsewhere, Isha meets Cheeku when he says that he has come there to give his answer to the question she asked while he takes out Dhara’s bangle and puts it on Isha’s wrist.

He asks her if she will marry him and she is happy to hear it.

Natasha is not able to sleep when Dhawal notices her and asks her about the matter.

She tells him that she is waiting for the clock to strike five as she doesn't want to sleep with him.

Dhawal teases her but she gets out while Amresh asks Amba to think about Isha and why she went out to receive her friend’s call.

Natasha roams in the forest when Dhawal comes behind her.

Meanwhile, fruits fall from the tree and she gets terrified and runs from there while Dhawal searches for Natasha.

He comes from behind and yells her name but she gets terrified as she sees the skeleton of an animal over there and shouts too loudly.

The skeleton holds both of them and they fall to the ground while Amresh comes outside to see with whom Isha is talking.

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