Pandya Store 21st February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 21st February 2023 episode starts with Shweta telling everyone that she has come just like everyone wanted.

As Shweta stands at the entrance at the doorway, Rishita rushes to her while asking for Chutki, and Shweta arrogantly questions Rishita if she is blind.

Rishita again repeats her question about where Chutki is which confuses Shweta and she rushes outside to find Chutki.

Once Shweta walks outside, Rishita tells Dhara that as soon as Chutki enters the house, she will tell her the truth.

Rishita states that she will give Chutki all the love so Chutki accepts her as her own mom to which Dhara replies that they have to stay calm.

Entering the Pandya house just then, Dev questions Dhara why they should stay mute and Dhara reminds him that they should not forget Chutki is just a little kid.

She even tells everyone that for the past seven years, Chutki has considered Shweta her mother so they have to be careful how they unfold the whole truth.

Even Gomby orders Rishita and Dev to make sure Shweta leaves the house very soon as then only they should tell Chutki the truth.

Dhara tells Rishita that if they burden Chutki with the truth so soon, she will be traumatized for the rest of her life.

At the same time, Suman also announces that the primary focus should be to make that witch Shweta leaves Somnath once and for all.

On the other hand, Natasha AKA Chutki watches Chiku, Shesh, and Mithu scratching each other's backs just like Suman has ordered them with a funny expression on her face.

Meanwhile, in Pandya's house, Raavi locks Shiva's bedroom door to make sure he does not start panicking when Chutki returns.

On the other hand, time slows down as Shweta walks into the Pandya house with Chutki in her arms and everyone stares at Chutki hiding their breath.

Tears choke Rishita's voice as she looks at Chutki's physical features attentively and gets flashbacks of holding little Chutki in her arms.

Dev spreads his hands to touch Chutki's hand while fatherly affection swims in his eyes and the "Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin" song plays in the background.

Dhara stares at Chutki with happy tears in her eyes as she recalls how she met Natasha a few days whereas Gautam says that Lord Shiva sent Chutki back to them but they were unable to recognize her.

When Chutki stands in front of Suman, Suman's hand start shaking as it feels surreal to her and her breathing gets slowed due to mixed feeling of awe and wonder.

She embraces Chutki in her arms while tears stream down her cheeks and she orders Dhara to bring the kids in as she wants to see the hall crowded with her grandchildren.

Dhara then offers Chutki some chocolates but Natasha throws them away, saying that she does not eat this kind of cheap chocolates.

Chutki even orders Rishita to stay away from her, calling her a bad aunty whose heart breaks into pieces hearing this.

Meanwhile, Shweta informs everyone that Chutki is not funded to live in the lower-middle-class family when Chutki announces that she wants to go back to Mumbai.

While everyone is busy showering Chutki with love, Shweta thinks to herself that now it is time for part of her plan whereas Raavi is guarding Shiva's room anxiously to make sure Shiva does not meet Chutki instantly.

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