Pandya Store 21st September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 21st September 2023 episode starts with Dhawal and his family giving swings to Krishna Ji while Pandit Ji brings Natasha along with him.

She collides with Dhawal and everyone is shocked to see her while Dhawal asks her how she came here but Natasha stands still.

Dhawal asks her to perform aarti so they both offer the aarti to Krishna ji together.

After the pooja is over, Amresh asks Bhavin to take Pranali back home before Natasha sees her. Bhavin takes her home but suddenly Pranali's feet get stuck in the saree and she is about to fall but she balances while Natasha sees her.

She asks Pranali how she got injured then Pranali recalls that Amresh has advised her to not tell the truth to Natasha so she lies to her.

She says that she fell from the stairs so she had an injury so Natasha scolds her for being so reluctant toward her health.

After that Amba asks Natasha and her family to have prasad before leaving so she gives prasad in her dupatta but Suman taunts her for doing the rituals while standing only.

Amba gets nervous and murmurs that Suman is a very cunning woman but she smiles superficially and says that she forgot to do it properly.

After that, Amba asks Dhawal to sit with Natasha, so he sits with her and Amba does aarti of both of them.

Amba pulls Dhawal's leg by saying that to give one little ladoo gopal to Natasha till next year.

Natasha starts blushing while Dhawal feels embarrassed, Amresh says that he can drop Pandyas back to their home.

Chirag interrupts and says that Dhawal can drop his in-laws so Dhawal goes with them while Suman asks Dhawal to play the romantic song.

Meanwhile, Natasha and Dhawal get lost in each other and Natasha's dupatta falls over his face so they both share a cute moment while Suman smiles from behind.

After a while, Mithu asks Dhawal to turn back the car as their house is left behind so Dhawal suddenly comes back to reality.

Suman pulls his leg while Natasha gets nervous and they reach their home in a few minutes.

Suman asks Dhawal to have tea but he denies it and Natasha expects a goodbye message from him but he doesn't say that so she starts cursing god for marrying her to an old man like him.

Everyone hears her so she says that she is willing to eat corn but Suman says it's not present right now then Natasha says that a packet of soup is there so she will make it.

On the other hand, Dhawal reaches home and expects a message from Natasha but she doesn't send so he says that he is just tolerating her for the Pandya store.

Meanwhile, Natasha shows Suman the t-shirt she ordered for the dahi handi event, and Suman compliments her.

After that Suman brings Shiva's locket and gives it to Natasha, she also tells her that Shiva used to wear it before doing any auspicious thing.

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