Pandya Store 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 22nd December 2023 episode starts with Natasha asking Dhawal to do something as she panics.

Dhawal tries to console her by saying that he is there for her so she should relax and they both yell for help but some white color residue falls on both faces.

Meanwhile, Cheeku proposes to Isha for marriage when she asks how can they marry because things are not going on good between their family.

Cheeku asks her if she is concerned for the family then why she asked him such a question when she remains silent and he says that he will convince both Natasha and Suman.

Meanwhile, both Natasha and Dhawal are dragged by the skeleton and nobody comes to their rescue.

Cheeku asks Isha to say yes or no but he feels that she is not interested so he forcefully tries to remove the bangles from her hand.

She states that she is ready to marry him and will talk about this to her family members as she leaves.

However, she collides with Amresh while Dhawal and Natasha get stuck in a muddy area where they keep on going inside.

Natasha panics but Dhawal murmurs that he will do something when a fire takes place surrounding them.

Meanwhile, Cheeku returns home saying that he will take all revenge from Makwana's house after marrying Isha.

He says that he doesn't love her but he will use her for his benefit.

Elsewhere, Amresh asks Isha where is she coming from when she blushes and goes from there.

Meanwhile, Amresh finds Cheeku taking an auto near his house while Natasha and Dhawal get surrounded by fire and try to come out of the muddy area but the fire keeps on surrounding them.

They are about to completely get inside the mud and Natasha gets unconscious.

Dhawal gets worried for her while Amba asks Isha to talk to Jyoti at home, the next time when Amresh comes there, saying that she went to meet Yashodan Pandya.

Amba finds bangles in her hand and asks her about it but she doesn't give any reply to her.

She asks her who gave her when Isha tells her that Cheeku gave bangles of Dhara to her and wants to marry her which provokes Amba's and Amresh's anger.

Amba gives a tight slap on her face while Dhawal tries to get out so that he can save Natasha as she is lying there unconsciously.

After that, Amba brings a rope, asking Isha to put it around her neck as she does not want to stay alive.

Isha feels bad while Amba asks her that Rohan is a very nice boy but why does she want to marry Cheeku?

Meanwhile, Amresh says that Cheeku does not belong to their class to which Isha tells everyone that Cheeku was the only person who gave her space to live when she came to this city.

She gives reference to Bhavin and Pranali's marriage and Pranali tries to support her but Amresh says that she will marry Rohan only and decides to fix a wedding date for Pandit Ji soon.

Meanwhile, Dhawal saves Natasha from that muddy area and brings her out safely.

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