Pandya Store 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Natasha telling Shweta that she doesn’t want to stay with the bad aunty, AKA Rishita, which breaks Rishita’s heart.

Shweta tries to hide her smile while Rishita says that her own daughter doesn’t like her.

Dev watches Rishita break down while the boys, Mithu, Shesh, & Chiku, plan not to include Natasha in their playtime.

However, Dhara hears their whispering and tells them not to even think about it but Chiku & Shesh do not like the celebrity attitude of Natasha.

To rub the salt in their wounds even more, Shweta says that Natasha is not used to living in a low-standard house, making Suman angry.

Rishita tells her to leave immediately as she is not needed while Shweta ducks down and distracts Natasha with her phone.

Meanwhile, Shiva is lying on his bed in his room and gets a flashback of when Shweta runs away with Chutki.

In his flashback, he screams Chutki’s name as Krish is unable to save her and Shweta runs away, taking Chutki with her.

Back in the living room, Rishita grabs the suitcase full of money and hands it to Shweta, asking her to get lost when she tries putting Natasha’s luggage in Krish’s room.

Rishita says that her daughter will sleep with her while Dhara asks Shweta to leave now along with Gomby who also rudely says the exact same thing.

Shweta does her acting and tries to take Suman’s blessings before leaving but Suman shrieks in fear as soon as Shweta touches her feet.

Shweta acts as if she is thirsty, but Dhara has had enough of her and shows her the door.

Meanwhile, Raavi is standing outside Shiva’s room, guarding it against Shweta while Shiva keeps on whispering Chutki’s name.

Outside, Shesh and Chiku are playing and they see Natasha on the terrace.

Shesh tells Chiku to tease Natasha but Chiku says they should tease her secretly, otherwise, Dhara would beat them up.

Meanwhile, Shweta runs back inside the Pandya Nivas and says she doesn’t need money as she wants to love but Gomby tells her that she has nobody here who loves her.

Rishita claims that Shweta is doing all this nonsense so Chutki doesn’t live with her but Shweta says that they will have no answer for Natasha when she asks about her.

Noticing her leave, Natasha would start crying and her condition will worsen but Dhara tells her to just leave as she doesn’t have claims on anyone in this house.

However, Shweta brings out an airplane made of paper and mocks everyone, saying she still has claims on Krish since they are not divorced yet.

Dhara gets fearful as she had hidden this paper in this photo album while Suman freaks out, saying Shweta left her son and should leave now also.

Shweta reveals that she cannot miss being a millionaire’s wife and encourages Pandya's to call the police but if they do so, she will tell Natasha everything and will ask her whom she wants to live with - her real mother or whom she thinks of as a mother.

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