Pandya Store 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 22nd May 2023 episode starts with one of the doctors giving Dhara the blood sample of Shweta, saying that the blood sample stays fresh for 10 days.

Dhara rudely takes the blood sample from the doctor’s hand, yelling that she will do Shweta’s blood test in a different pathology lab.

On the other hand, the actual vigilance officer requests the doctor to take them to the fake vigilance officers so he can suspend them and the doctor immediately agrees to it.

When the actual medical vigilance officer enters the pathology lab, he questions Dhara, Krish, and Prerna about their identity.

Krish very confidently walks up to the medical vigilance officer, announcing that he does not understand how many times he has to tell everyone about them being medical vigilance officers.

However, the officer smugly replies that he is the head of the medical vigilance team and that he has not issued any raid in this hospital today which means these people are frauds.

Hearing this, Krish’s over-confidence vanishes into thin air and instead, he joins his hands in front of the officer begging him not to call the cops.

Dhara and Prerna also come forward, requesting the actual officer to let them go as their intention is not to steal money.

Afterward, when Dhara, Prerna, and Krish arrive in the hospital hallway, Krish removes the wig from his head and Dhara finds Shivank laughing in a corner.

Shivank stops laughing for a bit as his eyes meet Dhara’s for a bit.

Meanwhile, the police officers take Dhara, Krish, and Prerna away despite their begging to let them go.

When they are locked in the cell, Dhara informs Krish and Prerna that Shivank must have alerted the actual medical vigilance officer.

Dhara clarifies that he must have heard her conversation with Gomby while Prerna refuses to accept as she thinks Shivank is her real friend.

On the other hand, Shivank thinks to himself that Dhara came to the right hospital to get Sweta’s test sample and that it was he who changed Prerna’s blood sample with Shweta’s.

Later, Shivank even brings Prerna, Krish, and Dhara out of jail which causes Prerna to hug Shivank for helping them.

However, Dhara along with Krish is skeptical about Shivank's generosity.

Meanwhile, Shiva is sitting in front of the Pandya store with his eyes closed as he is trying to recall the memory of his first meeting with Raavi.

He tells himself he does not understand why Raavi is in his dreams.

Back in Pandya's house, Suman scolds the trio for always causing trouble for everyone and she also orders Prerna and Shivank to move out of the house as it will be better for them to move on.

Prerna requests Suman to not do something like this yet Suman does not change her mind.

Afterward, when Dhara comes out of Suman's room, she accuses Shivank of sending her to jail but before Shivank can say anything, Raavi arrives there.

Raavi blames Dhara for not doing anything to help her and Shiva as Arushi does not want to leave Shiva until she brings Shiva's memory back.

This makes Dhara state that she will promise to help Raavi.

The next morning, Dhara sends Krish to the hospital to bring Shweta's blood sample while she herself goes to Arushi's house to talk.

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