Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 22nd November 2023 episode starts with Amresh telling Natasha that Isha left the house as per her own will so she is not allowed to come back.

He scolds her for coming back, asking why didn’t she think before ruining his image.

Isha says that she left the house due to his orthodox thinking as she just participated in a modelling contest which isn’t illegal.

Amresh says that for him it's illegal as the ladies of his house are not allowed to wear such small clothes.

Meanwhile, Isha congratulates Amresh, saying that she lost and didn’t achieve as she never had family support.

She says that she was all alone as nobody was there to help in her career and family.

In the meantime, Suman asks Cheeku to listen to her but he refuses leading Suman to tell him not to interfere with Natasha’s family matters.

She explains to him by giving an example of her family that she had four daughters-in-law and no one from their family interrupted in their matters.

Still, Cheeku does not listen to him while Suman asks Mithu to prepare tea for her as she is having a headache.

On the other hand, Isha asks Natasha why she bought her here when Natasha stands still while Dhawal admires Natasha’s behaviour that she is trying to reunite his family.

In the meantime, Amba gets emotional and hugs Isha as they both start crying which makes the environment emotional.

Meanwhile, the other ladies in the house also hug Isha while Amresh still acts hard.

Isha feels heartbroken and sits in front of him but he goes from there.

After that, Dhawal comes and wipes off her tears while Bhavin also comes to hug her but she does not allow him to proceed.

She is about to go but Dhawal holds her hand, saying that he will never allow her to go again and that he will lock Isha and Amresh in one room so that they can resolve their matter.

Amba asks Amresh to forgive Isha as she is accepting her fault while other members also force him to change his decision.

Amresh considers them and says that after half an hour there is Lakshmi pooja and he wants everyone to come on time for pooja whether it be the daughter or daughter-in-law of the family.

Everyone gets happy as Amresh allows Isha to live with them and Isha thanks Natasha for supporting and fighting for her rights.

Meanwhile, Amba hugs Isha and then others also go to hug them while Natasha stands aside being emotional.

After that, everyone goes to get ready when Dhawal tries to flirt with Natasha but she hesitates leading Dhawal to do her makeup.

In contrast, Amresh recalls his disrespect as Natasha went against his decision.

He thinks that due to Natasha’s behaviour, everyone in the family has started to give their opinion which pinches Amresh and he decides to separate Natasha from Dhawal.

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