Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 episode starts with Swetha telling the Pandya family that she is agreeing to the marriage with Krish.

Swetha shakes her hand with Krish while he wonders why Swetha agreed to this marriage so quickly.

Just then, Suman interrupts and asks Swetha how she changed her answer so quickly and demands Swetha's parents to take her and leave.

Swetha imagines her parents leaving her on the road and thinks that she has to do something immediately.

Before Krish can kick them out, Swetha speaks up saying that she does not love Krish but after leaving the house, she realized how she has grown attached to the Pandya family.

Rishita and Swetha's parents get shocked at Swetha's acting skills.

Further, Swetha begs for Suman's acceptance while Rishita takes Dev aside and tells him that she knows Swetha's parents must have brainwashed her into saying yes to the marriage.

Dhara and other family members try to convince Suman to agree to the marriage while Suman firmly refuses.

Swetha says that she knows she is being selfish but she knows that even if she dies in the future, the Pandya family will take care of Chiku.

Rishita interrupts but Dev stops her and tells her to go to her room and take her medicines.

Swetha once again uses emotional blackmail and tells Suman that Chiku got his name in the Pandya house and begs her to agree.

Swetha's parents think that it will be wrong if Suman refuses the marriage and requests Suman to agree to the marriage.

However, Suman shouts at them to stop and asks if she would have married Swetha to Krish if she was Krish's mother.

This silences Swetha's mother while the Pandya family tries to convince Suman to let Krish get married to Swetha.

Dhara faces Suman's wrath as she gets blamed that she is doing everything to keep Chiku in the family.

Further, Swetha uses her tactic once again and tells Suman to not blame Dhara as she would have given her Chiku had she not grown the motherly love she has for Chiku.

Swetha apologizes to everyone and walks towards exit door while Krish stops her midway.

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