Pandya Store 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 22nd September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 22nd September 2023 episode starts with the society head anchoring for the Dahi handi program in Sadar bazaar leading him to welcome the chief guest.

The chief guest for today's event is Amresh Makhwana so he comes along with his whole family.

Suman is surprised to see him and murmurs that the whole gang has arrived with him while Amba comes and sits next to Suman.

Meanwhile, one woman sitting next to Amba asks her if Suman is the grandmother of her daughter-in-law to which Amba confirms and reluctantly nods in positive.

However, the woman compares her daughter with Natasha and asks Amba to let her meet Natasha leading Amba to ask Suman about Natasha's presence.

Suman says that she is coming, meanwhile anchor introduces Natasha's team for Dahi Handi and everyone is surprised to see her in a different look.

Meanwhile, that woman taunts Amba for praising Natasha by saying that she is so simple, shy, and sober.

On the other hand, Natasha is lost in her world and busy enjoying the moment while the Anchor introduces Dhawal as an opposite competitor of Natasha's team.

Suman gets worried as Natasha is behaving more casually today as compared to before and wonders if Natasha's in-laws will like it or not.

Meanwhile, Amba sits next to Amresh and says that now before overtaking Pandya Store, it is necessary for them to teach Natasha a lesson on how to live in the Makhwana family.

Meanwhile, Natasha is surprised to see Dhawal leading him to inform her that the whole family has come along with him, making Natasha's eyes open wide in shock.

She gets scared of the consequences and smiles hesitantly looking at the family members while Dolly jumps in excitement from the other side to see Natasha in that attire.

Further, they argue with each other and Dhawal gives her instructions that she will not participate.

Natasha gets angry with him and asks who gave him the audacity to say this.

Suddenly, the Anchor says that they are going to start the event with Natasha and Dhawal on opposite sides.

He also asks Amresh to share his opinion about Natasha participating in the competition against Dhawal when Amresh gets up and praises Natasha for participating.

He asks her to look into her husband's eyes and develop progressive thinking and wishes her good luck.

Amresh also talks about women empowerment and says that he is surprised to see Natasha participating in the event.

Meanwhile, Pranali gets angry with Amresh and says she cannot see Amresh's bias towards Natasha.

Bhavin tells her that Amresh is doing all these things to take over the Pandya Store while his voice echoes from the speaker leading everyone to hear what he is saying.

Amresh tries to cover up the situation by asking Dhawal not to stop his wife from participating in the event and Natasha gets happy by seeing that Amresh is taking her side.

After that Amresh comes down from the stage and scolds Bhavin for speaking so loudly and he also warns Pranali.

He tells Pranali to be within her limits otherwise he has to show his real side to her at any cost.

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