Pandya Store 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 23rd February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 23rd February 2023 episode starts with Rishita ordering Shweta to leave the house immediately.

With an evil smile, Shweta announces that she will leave the house immediately but will reveal the truth to Chutki.

As everyone looks scared, Shweta states that it will be interesting to see if Chutki believes her real mother or someone she thinks is her mother.

Rishita starts sobbing when Shweta mentions that she will take Chutki with her she leaves and Dhara stands there in a shocked state.

While Rishita pleads with Dhara to call Krish, Dhara feels torn as on the one hand, Krish is engaged with Prerna, and on the other hand, Rishita’s hysterical state.

Dhara tries to make Rishita understand that if Shweta stays in the Pandya house then not only Chiku’s but Chutki’s life will also be in danger.

Refusing to understand Dhara’s point of view, Rishita again urges Dhara to call Krish to come.

Shweta enjoys the drama as Rishita announces that if Chutki leaves the Pandya house, Chiku will also go away.

Rishita even says that she does not want to be separated from her Chutki now.

Even Suman orders Dhara to call Krish so he can deal with Shweta and solve the problem.

In the meantime, Dhara yells that Krish is very happy with Prerna and she cannot disrupt her life.

Dhara hesitates to call Krish when Rishita drags Shweta to her room, saying that she cannot leave the house.

After Rishita drags Shweta away, Dhara, Dev, and Gautam start discussing how to deal with Shweta as Krish will give in to Shweta's blackmail.

On the other hand, Shiva wakes restless as he thinks he has heard Shweta's voice and starts knocking on the door.

As Raavi opens the door, Shiva questions her if Shweta is here which scares Raavi and she announces that Shweta is not there.

When Shiva arrives in the hall, Dhara orders him to take care of Pandya's shop today as Gomby needs to stay at home for some time.

Meanwhile, Shesh and Chiku are climbing the stairs to tease Chutki for her ill-treatment of them but Mithu refuses to join, saying that he does not want to be punished.

Mithu finds Shiva standing near the stairs so he joins the other Pandya kids and Shiva decides to see what mischief Mithu is planning now.

Afterward, on the terrace, the Pandya kids throw away Chutki's phone, resulting in Chutki running for it without caring that she can fall.

However, before Chutki can fall from the terrace, Shiva grabs her and Chutki tells him that her mom's name is Dolly.

Shiva picks up Chutki in his arm, saying that Dolly is very careless.

Back in the hall, Rishita tells Dhara that Krish is a grown-up who can deal with Shweta's evil plans but Chiku and Chutki are just kids so Shweta can easily brainwash them.

This makes Dhara pause as she realizes that Shweta can easily manipulate Chiku by telling him the truth.

At the same time, Raavi chimes in saying that if Shweta stays in the house then she will leave for Shiva's sake as she cannot lose her Shiva now.

To calm everyone down, Dhara announces that Krish, Chutki, Chiku, and Shiva everyone is her children so she will not let anything happen to them.

In the meantime, Krish and Prerna arrive in the hall with happiness but their happiness does not last long as Shweta reveals that she and Krish are not divorced yet.

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