Pandya Store 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 23rd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 23rd January 2024 episode starts with Dhawal collecting gravel and pebbles in one place and remembering the old moments that he spent with Natasha.

Meanwhile, Natasha sits on a chair on her balcony after that Dhawal comes onto her balcony through the ladder.

On the other hand, Hetal applies balm on Amresh’s forehead because he is having a headache and he recalls Pranali’s words that Amresh never allowed Hetal to talk to her family.

At the same time, Dhawal secretly kidnaps Natasha and takes her away from the Pandya Niwas by tying her mouth and hands so that she cannot shout.

Amresh asks Hetal what wrong he did by fixing Dhawal’s wedding with someone else as Dhawal was completely shattered after separation from Natasha.

Meanwhile, Dhawal brings Natasha to the same resort where they went for their date and Natasha gets nostalgic.

Both remember the old good moments that they spent together while Dhawal tells her that he wants to improve the things between them.

Natasha asks him why is he doing all these things and she thinks that Dhawal has married Suhani.

However, he clears her doubt and tells her that he broke his wedding with Suhani.

In the meantime, Hetal explains to Amresh that he cannot be right about everything so he should think from other’s points of view too.

Amresh stares at her which terrifies Hetal so she makes an excuse to go away from the room.

She is about to go but Amresh stops her and asks her to give Dhawal dinner when he comes home so Hetal follows his instructions.

On the other hand, Dhawal prepares a mandap and tells Natasha that he wants to return her all the respect that she deserves.

He also tells her that after he sat with Suhani in mandap and then he realized that love only happens once in a lifetime.

Natasha looks into his eyes when he says all these things to her and gives weird expressions to him that show she does not believe in Dhawal anymore.

Afterward, Dhawal bends in front of Natasha and proposes to her for a wedding once again by giving her a ring.

However, Natasha goes near Mandap and sprinkles water on the fire that he set for the vows during the pheras.

Dhawal gets shattered to see that while Natasha taunts him saying that her heart is not made of stones which does not get hurt when someone deceives her.

She asks Dhawal why should she accept a man like him who only knows how to play with feelings.

Dhawal does not say anything but Natasha decides that she will never allow him to come back again in her life.

Natasha says that she used to think that Dhawal is mature and stupid but she is wrong because his thinking resembles Amresh's mentality.

After that, Dhawal tries to justify himself but Natasha does not listen to him and makes it clear that they cannot be together anymore in the future.

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