Pandya Store 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Dhara’s mom getting stunned to find Dhara standing in front of their front door as she peeks through the glass door.

She quickly closes the curtains and runs inside the home in a panicked state, begging Arushi not to open the door since Dhara is outside.

Arushi stands up excitedly, saying that she does not understand why Dhara is here while her mom pleads with Arushi not to let Dhara see her.

Detecting the fear in her mom’s voice, Arushi announces that she will indeed open the door to meet Dhara.

As she opens the door, Dhara strictly orders Arushi to stay away from Shiva since Shiva’s heart is not a toy to play with.

Dhara clarifies that they are forced to lie to Shiva due to his mental state so it is better if Arushi leaves Raavi and Shiva alone.

Arushi questions Dhara about what is wrong with her proposal to Raavi to which Dhara replies that she will not let to play her with Raavi's emotions.

Dhara turns away to leave after making it clear when her mom arrives in the living room with a long veil on her head, offering Dhara mango juice.

Her mom softly tells Dhara that if someone gives the season's first mango juice to the closest person, then the relationship between them stays sweet throughout life.

She even offers Dhara to consider her as a mom while Arushi introduces her mom to Dhara.

Hearing this, Dhara takes a few sips of the mango juice.

As her mom spreads her hand to give Dhara a blessing, Dhara grabs her hand stating if someone takes her mom's name, then everything in her life falls apart.

Aruishi feels hurt to see her mom making mango juice for Dhara as she clearly remembers how her mom reacted when she brought some mangoes.

As soon as Dhara leaves, Arushi accuses her mom of trying to live in Dhara's memories by using her as a pawn which means her status as Arushi is a lie.

She yells that mangoes were her favorite yet her mom has ruined them for her now.

However, her mom tries to calm Arushi down, explaining that she made mango juice only for her.

In Pandya House, Krish enters Prerna's room after locking the door to warn her against Shivank.

He tells Prerna that Suman has started assuming that she is moving on with Shivank but Prerna blames Krish for doubting her.

Prerna even frees her hands from Krish's grip when Krish holds her hands, pleading her to listen with his eyes.

However, Krish walks away, angrily muttering that he was just trying to warn Prerna against Shivank's evil intentions.

Whereas Shivank promises Shweta that from now on, he will not over-smart her as Shweta scolds him for bringing Dhara, Krish, and Prerna out of jail.

Later, Dhara and Krish arrive at the hospital in a doctor's disguise to get Shweta's blood sample.

Back at Arushi's place, Arushi forces her mom to drink the mango juice despite her mom repeatedly saying she has an allergy to mangoes.

Her mom finally reveals that she has never touched mangoes out of guilt for ruining Dhara's childhood so Arushi is right.

The mother says that she has tried to live with two daughters through Arushi.

Arushi goes red in anger while her mom tries to reason with her, saying that Arushi has gotten extra love.

Meanwhile, Arushi replies that she never wanted to live in someone's shadow.

She then calls Shiva to meet her as now she wants her mother to face Dhara.

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