Pandya Store 24th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 24th April 2023 episode starts with the Pandya family reaching the venue and looking around in awe.

At the same time, Shweta arrives there in her disguise, telling Suman in a different voice that she is a henna artist.

She walks away but Shivank runs after her to squeeze her hand muttering that he has kept his goons guard near the resort.

Shweta then replies that she wants to destroy the Pandya family at any cost as she cannot tolerate their happiness.

Meanwhile, Prerna’s family welcomes the Pandya family with flowers while Prerna’s father announces that he has booked this resort far from Somnath so he can use champagne as much as he wants.

Suman also asks Gomby if champagne is some fancy juice but Gomby does not respond.

Just then, Prerna’s father starts opening the champagne one by one, saying that he has imported this from Canada and Suman gets excited to try as she assumes that this is fancy juice.

Everyone gets served champagne but as Suman is about to gulp down the drink, Gomby whispers into her ears that this is alcohol, causing Suman to spit out.

She angrily stares at everyone while Krish tells Prerna that their marriage is at risk now in a low whisper.

Meanwhile, Gomby is busy drinking the champagne little by little so when Suman turns to him, he quickly orders the waiter to walk away with the champagne.

Suman then starts walking in the courtyard when she notices numerous chickens roaming which scares her and she orders everyone to grab them quickly.

Everyone jumps in to grab the chickens and after a lot of hard work, Rishita is finally able to hold one chicken while Suman asks Prerna's parents if they were planning to entertain them with the chicken fight.

Prerna's father announces that he has brought chickens to make fresh butter chicken for the guests which make Suman jerk her head.

Suman yells that they are trying to ruin her religion so the wedding is canceled.

Prerna goes to make her parents agree to change the menu since they are willing to ruin her marriage for butter chicken.

Prerna's mom whispers to Prerna that they are Punjabis so they should serve butter chicken, otherwise they will be humiliated to which Prerna replies that they can do it in Canada.

When Krish goes to speak to Suman, she starts slapping him continuously, shouting that Krish has become non-vegetarian but Krish announces that he has only eaten soya chap till now.

Gomby argues with Suman saying that alcohol is pure veg so Suman should not ban it in the wedding but Shiva orders him to close his mouth.

At the same time, Dhara passes the family in her chief attire but her confidence does not last long as the chef gives her a fish to cut, causing her to gag.

She runs away from there, yelling that her religion is ruined today and she steals band member dress from them.

On the other hand, Shweta is getting ready in the washroom when she hears some footsteps approaching.

She quickly hides in the stall, assuming that this is Rishita or Raavi when in reality it turns out to be Dhara.

Dhara notices the phone ring on the table but she does not check it, thinking that she needs to find Shweta so she leaves in her band member attire.

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