Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th December 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 24th December 2022 episode starts with Raavi and Rishita blaming everyone for their carelessness.

Shiva glares at Raavi but Raavi does not stop; even Dev also yells that he has read each page of the document.

Suman who was silent suddenly screams that she told Dev to read the whole document with a magnifying glass.

Glaring at Gautam, she further reminds Gautam angrily how he ordered her to let Dev read the papers without interfering and Gautam starts sobbing even harder.

Meanwhile, Swetha starts mocking the Pandya family for their stupidity and drags Rishita forward to announce that Rishita is the only smart person in the family.

Recalling Chiku’s excessive temperature in the registry office, Dhara accuses Swetha of using her son but Swetha very cunningly orders Dhara to accept her defeat.

While Swetha is busy taunting the Pandya family, some guests start gossiping about Dev and Krish not reading the papers carefully despite passing out from English Medium school.

Before the guests can trash talk about Shiva any further, Raavi calls the Pandya family stupid, and orders the guests to leave.

Afterward, Swetha goes inside the Pandya store to bring out a coconut and cracks the coconut at the entrance.

The Pandya family watches in dismay as Swetha sprinkles the coconut water on their head and behaves like a shop owner.

When Swetha sits on Gautam’s seat, the Pandya family’s eyes widen while Swetha smirks.

On one hand, Gautam is about to walk toward the shop but Krish holds him; on the other hand, furious Shiva tries to attack Swetha with a jar but Dev grabs him.

Dev orders Shiva to calm down as they don’t need to go to court while Swetha orders everyone to take a selfie with her since she is not in the photo frame.

When Shiva tries to attack Swetha again with the jar, Swetha holds the Pandya family photo frame in front of her causing Shiva to go silent.

After Shiva angrily walks away from there, Dhara enters the Pandya Store to tell her that even though Swetha has the shop now but the Pandya family will get the shop again.

Swetha mocks Dhara by reminding her that there is no “us” in the Pandya store name anymore and she also wants to see how the Pandya family will get their store back despite their inner arguments.

The Pandya family then starts picking up the remaining pieces of the Pandya Store board while recalling their sweet memories with the shop.

Swetha watches the Pandya family walk away with a smirk on her face.

Meanwhile, Raavi is ordering Shiva to blame Dhara and Gautam for this, and the rest of the family enters the home at the same time.

Finding the Pandya family at the entrance, Raavi goes silent but Dhara orders her to let her frustration out.

Even Rishita screams that Gautam and Dhara are the reason behind all this while Gautam looks shattered.

Dhara goes silent when angry Raavi blames Dhara's madness for Chiku the cause of Pandya's family ruin.

Raavi even announces that if they need a small thing then the whole Pandya family will discuss but if Gautam and Dhara want a big thing, everyone will agree without any discussion.

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