Pandya Store 24th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th March 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th March 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 24th March 2023 episode starts with Dhara smirking and telling Shweta that the kids get pulled to people who radiate love and soon, they will realize who has been right and who has been wrong.

Shweta glares at Dhara while Prerna prepares to leave the house with the red veil covering her head.

However, the veil comes off when Shweta steps on it and gets horrified to see Prerna and asks the Pandya's rudely when they will behave.

She tells Krish that she will call the police and tell them how Prerna is igniting a fire in her marital life but Dhara asks Shweta to be patient and calls a lady police inspector herself.

Dhara tells the officer that this is the girl Shweta needs to be arrested while Rishita emerges with the DNA reports and Natasha's childhood photographs, telling the police that Shweta kidnapped her girl.

Shweta sobs and requests the officer to let her go as they handcuff her but Dev yells for Shweta to leave as soon as possible.

When she is out, Dhara tells everyone that the next step is to make the kids happy and remove all their misunderstandings.

Later, Suman and Gomby are out on the streets of Somnath, going to the temple when Suman speaks her heart, saying since Shweta is out for now, they should get Prerna and Krish married.

Suman gets ecstatic at the thought of celebrating double the happiness and tells Gomby that it is only she, him, and Dhara who will make sure that their family stays intact.

At Dhara's mention, Gomby gets emotional as he sees a 'Gajra' shop, and Suman jokes at him to go and get it to become "Petticoat Chaap" again but this time, she will adjust.

As Dhara is drying her hair in her room, Gomby walks in and sincerely apologizes for the last 7 years of him abandoning her.

When he shows her the Gajra, Dhara turns around and lets Gomby put it in her hair as both of them kiss each other's fingertips.

Prerna and Krish watch their lovely interaction and Prerna also gets romantic with Krish who says that they will be caught.

Just then, Krish's feet slip and he enters Dhara and Gomby's room accidentally, scaring them while Dhara feels embarrassed. 

Gomby scolds Krish that before it used to be, Dev and now Krish will never let him and Dhara romance freely.

Krish puts the blame on Prerna, saying she is the one who pushed him inside, and both of them stammer in front of Dhara & Gomby who try to figure out what is going on.

Krish then says he wanted to ask Dhara if he can take Prerna out on a long drive and she says yes.

He then jokes and tells Dhara what flour Gomby eats and that he still has a lot of romance left inside of him.

Gomby swings his hand to beat Krish but he ducks down and leaves after hugging both Dhara and Gautam.

After they are gone, Dhara tells 'I love you' to Gomby who cuddles her closer and then she jokes out loud as if Krish is still here, making Gomby jerk away from her.

Meanwhile, the kids are searching for Shweta in the storeroom while Shweta rots inside the jail, still claiming to destroy the Pandya Family as they have ruined her life.

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