Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 24th May 2023 episode starts with Dhara and Krish disguising themselves as doctors enter the laboratory and eavesdrop on the lab assistant’s conversation.

Meanwhile, Arushi is lost as her mother’s word echo in her ears to not hurt Dhara.

Further, Shiva walks to her and she pretends to cry and cook up a story to instigate him against Dhara and his family.

She tells him that people are talking about their union and they’ve become the topic of gossip all over the place and sheds a tear.

Shiva on finding Arushi crying tells her to tell him the name of the people as he will put them back in their places.

Arushi tells Shiva that he does not only want to marry her otherwise he would have stopped her on the party night.

Back in the lab, Dhara tells Krish that lab assistants mismatch the blood samples with the other people and make false reports.

Dhara tells Krish that they need to find Shweta’s blood sample anyhow to help them find the truth.

As Dhara diverts the doctor's attention, Krish finds out Shweta’s blood sample in the box.

The doctor walks to him and interrupts him for taking the sample out of the box.

In the meantime, Shiva tells Arushi that he will get his family to her place for the wedding if she wants to get married.

Further, Arushi tells Shiva that he has no respect in his family as she saw him getting thrashed by his mother the other day.

She provokes him by saying that Dhara insulted her and her mother for not fixing the alliance with him.

Arushi sheds a few crocodile tears pretending to be heartbroken and tells him that after Dhara’s denial, even her mother is unsure.

Meanwhile, in the lab, Dhara calls the doctor to shift his attention from Krish while Krish takes Shweta’s blood sample and walks out.

Further, Shiva promises Arushi that he will get his family to her place to fix the wedding.

In the Pandya house, Dhara and Krish are discussing Shweta’s blood sample but walk to the hall as they hear Shiva scream.

Shiva puts the kerosene over himself while the family gets disturbed by his action and pleads with him to stop the stupidity and get back to his senses.

Shiva's plan to get his family on the move!

Further, Shiva lights the match stick and warns the family to not step forward otherwise he will burn himself.

Suman tells Shiva to consider her love, otherwise she will also put herself to the fire.

Dhara pleads with Shiva to stop lighting the matchstick again and again and sit with them to talk.

Shiva stuck on his wedding keeps talking in the loop and tells the family members that he has been through a lot and wants to do something for his happiness.

Suman, concerned for Shiva announces that the family will visit Arushi, leaving Shiva and the family shocked.

Excited by her decision, Shiva rushes to get ready and asks the family members to get ready as well.

In the meantime, Arushi is making arrangements for Shiva’s family and impatiently waits for them leaving her mother confused.

Dhara and Krish discuss Raavi’s absence from the house and her reaction after getting to know the family’s visit to Arushi’s place.

Shiva excitedly walks into the hall and tells everyone that Dhara need not come as she has already created a mess out of everything.

Suman, further, tells Prerna to pack her stuff and leave the house rejecting Krish’s request.

Krish tells Dhara to think about Prerna and she irritatingly tells him to work on one problem at a time.

Pandya's to visit Arushi!

Meanwhile, Gomby drives everyone in the car and Rishita and Raavi catch them pass- by and call Dev.

Dev tells Rishita to not react and cuts the call asking her to call later.

Further, Rishita tells Raavi that the family is visiting Arushi to fix the wedding alliance.

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