Pandya Store 24th October 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th October 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 24th October 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 24th October 2022 episode starts with Dhara asking Krish about Shweta but Krish stays silent.

Dhara starts calling Shweta when Krish still does not open his mouth but Shweta does not pick up her call.

Looking at Krish’s sweaty face, Dhara again repeats her question, and Dev also questions him.

Krish curses Dev in his mind for being the worst elder brother and lies to Dhara that Shweta has gone to the parlor with a shy smile.

Krish further tells Dhara that Shweta wants to make their first night and Dhara lowers her gaze and walks away.

After Dhara leaves, Krish starts scolding Dev for just standing there but Dev replies that he does not know where Shweta is.

Hearing this, Krish informs Dev in frustration that he does not know if Shweta has gone somewhere else after her parent’s house.

Meanwhile, Dhara notices Shweta coming to the Pandya house while Shweta’s head is filled with Dhara getting Chiku’s custody and her mom’s order.

Dhara hugs Shweta and furious Shweta makes up her mind about creating trouble in the Pandya family.

Noticing Shweta’s face, Dhara questions her why Shweta has no makeup on her face but Krish arrives there at the same time and takes Shweta away.

Later in the evening, Dhara is walking Shweta towards Krish’s room and advises her to focus on her and Krish’s life now without thinking about Chiku or the family.

Dhara further adds that she wants to see the same love and respect in Shweta’s eyes just like Krish has for Shweta.

Looking at Shweta’s eyes, Dhara orders her not to disappoint her and Shweta enters Krish’s room.

Shweta furiously removes the rose petals from the bed as soon as she enters the room and orders Krish to switch off the light so she can sleep.

Krish however shows Shweta the passport and questions her as to why she does not book a ticket for him and Chiku.

Shweta yells at Krish's face that she does not consider him worthy to take him anywhere while Krish looks shocked.

Shweta further tells Krish in an angry voice that she only married him to please her parents and Krish stares at her with wide eyes.

When Shweta blames Dhara for taking the property away from her, Krish gets furious and orders Shweta not to talk about Dhara like this.

Meanwhile, Dhara expresses her gratitude to god for giving happiness to Krish but Gautam takes her away.

In the room, Gautam starts showering Dhara with sweet kisses.

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