Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 25th February 2023 episode starts with Prerna telling everyone that she does not want her happiness to take a kid away from a mother.

Krish pleads with Prerna to stay while Prerna mutters that she is not leaving because she has accepted defeat against Shweta but because she does not want to snatch away a kid from a mom.

As Rishita joins her hands with a grateful look, Prerna gets into the car to drive away despite Krish’s pleading.

Meanwhile, Raavi notices Shiva coming toward the Pandya house with Chutki in his arms, causing her to panic and she runs inside to plead with Shweta to hide.

However, when Raavi tells Shweta to hide before Shiva comes in, she refuses to leave as she is relaxing since her “sauten” has just left.

Krish, Dhara, and the rest of the Pandya family walk in just then and Raavi makes Krish walk away with Shweta despite his annoyance.

After Shweta and Krish walk away, Shiva enters the Pandya Nivas with Chutki and questions everyone about Chutki’s mother, Dolly.

Dhara starts laughing all of a sudden to divert Shiva’s mind and everyone else also joins, which confuses Shiva, but he thinks he must have told a joke without realizing it.

Afterward, Gomby takes Shiva to the Pandya store while everyone stands there feeling numb.

Meanwhile, in Krish’s room, Shweta welcomes Krish with a happy smile while calling him "baby" and even puts her arms around him but Krish pushes her away.

Krish orders Shweta not to be happy as he will throw her out once Chutki accepts Rishita and Dev as her parents.

Without being bothered by Krish's warning, Shweta orders him to buy a necklace for her as they are meeting after seven long years while Krish glares at her.

As Shweta again tries to come close to Krish, he orders her to stay away, telling her to be grateful that he has not cut off her head from her body.

He even tells Shweta that he only belongs to Prerna to which Shweta replies that why she will settle with one penny when she can have the whole bank.

This makes Krish so angry that his cheeks turn red but he does not raise his hand to slap Shweta despite her provoking him.

On the other hand, in the hall, Rishita's heart breaks even more as Chutki hides behind Dhara's back when she walks toward her.

Rishta is about to reveal that she is Chutki's mother but Dev puts a hand on her mouth before dragging her away.

Later, in the room, Krish's anger melts when Chutki walks into the room and he kneels on the floor to hug Chutki but Chutki hides behind Shweta's back.

Shweta then orders Krish to buy a gift for her so she can make Chutki accept Krish as her uncle but Krish walks away from the room.

When Chutki complains to Shweta about the mini Pandya brothers, Shweta orders her to be a strong girl and teach the kids a lesson and Chutki runs away.

Later, everyone in the Pandya house is sobbing in their rooms whereas Raavi is packing her bags, thinking that no one cares for Shiva's health here.

Meanwhile, Suman tells Dhara that Pandya's family relationships have become a maze to which Dhara replies that she herself does not know how to fix it.

At the same time, Krish walks in and puts his head on Suman's lap while requesting Dhara to do something to bring Prerna back.

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