Pandya Store 25th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th June 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 25th June 2023 episode starts with Chiku finding Dhara running in despair which confuses him.

He asks everyone why Dhara is behaving this way and Rishita explains to him that today Dhara herself has lost her mother.

Chiku does not seem to understand this instead he just lays his head over Shweta’s shoulder.

The next day, Dhara performs the last rite of Malti Devi wearing a PPE suit and as she takes a circle around the fire with a bucket of water, she recalls all the hurtful words she has said to Malti.

Tears roll down her eyes as she cryingly admits that Malti Devi is a thief who has escaped her once again.

Dhara then prays for Malti’s rest in peace but as she turns to leave, she bursts into heavy sobs.

Watching Dhara falling to the ground, Gautam rushes to her to pick her up in his arms, and Dhara sobs, saying that neither she could become a mother nor could she have a mother in her life.

She yells in agony that she has lost her son Chiku too today while Gautam pats her back to calm her.

Soon Dhara losses consciousness again so Gautam runs to the ambulance with her in his arms.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, everyone is anxiously waiting for Natasha to open her eyes, and when Natasha finally opens her eyes, Chiku apologizes to Natasha for dragging her into the mess.

He tells Natasha that she will be cured very soon while Natasha replies that she knows that she is weak because she has only a kidney.

At the same time, Shesh announces that Natasha needs more time to recover as she has one kidney only but Chiku urges him to close his mouth.

When the adults of the Pandya family go talk to the doctor, he reveals that Natasha needs some time off from school so she can heal from the toxic gas.

Shiva asks the doctor if they need to follow the same precautions for Dhara who has donated her kidney and the doctor replies positively.

After the doctor walks away, Shweta proposes that she will take care of Natasha's diet while Rishita and Raavi decide to take care of Dhara so she can heal quickly.

Just then, Gomby brings Dhara into the hospital who is lying on the stretcher unconscious and everyone gets busy with Dhara.

Later, Dhara is sleeping in her room when she imagines Malti Devi patting her back which makes Dhara emotional so she tightly hugs Malti, saying she will never Malti go again.

Malti tells Dhara that she is always with her and she wants Dhara to forgive Arushi for her mistake while Dhara just nods her head.

As Malti starts walking away, Dhara leaps from her bed to run after her when the door gets suddenly gets opened and Dhara meets Gomby who holds Dhara tightly.

Meanwhile, Arushi is crying in her house while holding Malti's picture and she urges Malti to forgive her for making a mistake.

The next day, Chiku pleads with lord Shiva to cure Natasha quickly as he only has Natasha by his side despite having two mothers and he offers two chocolates to lord Shiva for it.

However, when Dhara arrives there, Chiku runs away from there while Dhara assumes that Chiku has offered two chocolates to lord Shiva her for and Natasha's health.

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