Pandya Store 25th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th September 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 25th September 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 25th September 2023 episode starts with Hetal praising Natasha for winning the Dahi handi competition and telling her that she is proud of her.

Natasha asks her that if she is proud of her then why didn't she praise her in front of everyone?

Hetal tells her that from childhood she has been taught to respect elders and follow their orders so she can't go against them.

Natasha wonders what Hetal is saying and asks in this generation also why she believes in so old things that are baseless.

Then, Hetal tells her that she has to follow these things but she is happy for her as Suman has given very good life lessons to her.

After that, Hetal gets emotional herself and she says that she has never visited her mother's home in many years but she wants Natasha to come to Pandya's house daily to help her brothers manage the store.

Then, she goes from there while Natasha gets confused as to why Hetal hadn't visited her mother's house for so long.

On the other hand, Suman does her drama of stopping Natasha at her home, she tells everyone if she does not take Natasha with her for Kul devta pooja then it will be considered disrespectful, and anything bad can happen after that.

She also tells Amba that she took all four daughters-in-law for doing this pooja so she wants to take Dhawal and Natasha also, she says that she considers Dhawal as her son.

Meanwhile, Amba stands like a stone and does not react to anything but Amresh tries to convince her to allow Natasha to live in Pandya's house for more time.

Unfortunately, Amba has to say yes to her while Amresh asks Suman to discuss her family rituals with Amba in advance in the future so that better clarity can be maintained.

Suman agrees with him while Natasha gets happy after hearing this and she hugs Amresh tightly and says he is best brother-in-law.

After that Amresh asks her to take care of herself and Dhawal but Amba feels disrespectful and she asks to go back home then Amresh tells her to go as he will come after them.

He goes to meet Cheeku and finds him discussing the next project with the workers so he asks him how the work is going on.

Cheeku tells him everything is going on smoothly then Amresh tells him that Suman and her family members are going out for pooja so it's best time to break Pandya's store.

He tells him that soon Suman herself will give him the store as he is going to create such a situation that nobody would have thought.

Meanwhile, Natasha comes there and gets angry with Cheeku, she asks Amresh what is he doing here with him, and then Cheeku raises his voice over her and asks her to behave properly.

Amresh manages to solve their argument and after that, they move to their places while Dolly gets excited and tells Amba that she is going on a honeymoon in Goa with Chirag.

Amba starts her drama that nobody asked for her decision so Chirag lies that by mistake he booked by his name as he was looking for his colleagues.

Amresh comes there and Dolly complains to him about Chirag while Natasha tells Suman that she has booked two rooms for her stay and she will be staying with her.

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