Pandya Store 26th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 26th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 26th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 26th April 2023 episode starts with Shweta calling Prerna “Prerna sister” which makes Prerna confused.

Prerna asks Shweta how she knows her name to which Shweta replies that Prerna and Krish’s names are written everywhere so she has read it there.

As Prerna starts concentrating on her henna, Shweta lets out a sigh and she starts applying henna on Prerna’s hand.

Meanwhile, Shivank gets surprised to see his ex-girlfriend Jhumki in between the goons and Jhumki also stares at Shivank with shock for some time.

She then grabs Shivank’s collar to yell at him for breaking his promise of marrying her while Shivank pleads with the Jhumki to let him because he is going to marry her very soon.

Shivank’s promise works its magic on Jhumki and she agrees to perform today’s work so Shivank orders them to change into wedding clothes.

He orders them to get mixed with the crowd so the groom’s side of the family thinks they are from the bride’s side and the bride’s side of the family thinks they are from the groom’s side.

As the goons leave for the party, Shivank call the police station to let them know that a Canadian family is doing fake notes deal during their daughter’s wedding.

The police officer believes the words spoken by Shivank and he orders his team to get ready to investigate the matter.

On the other hand, Suman urges everyone to come forward for the garba performance and one by one all the family members join her except Prerna’s parents, Prerna and Krish.

Krish notices the eager look on Prerna and her parents’ faces so he brings them to the dance floor to dance which gives Shweta the perfect opportunity to slide some fake notes into Prerna’s bag.

At the same time, Dhara also arrives at the wedding venue in her henna artist attire, wearing a green lehenga with a big nose pin and a fake voice.

She requests Suman to let her do Prerna’s henna as she is a Gujarati person and Suman orders Shweta to move away so Dhara can apply henna on Prerna’s hand.

Shweta gladly vacates the spot which arises suspicion in Dhara’s mind but Dhara does not get the chance to investigate since she gets busy applying henna.

However, Shweta has already realized that Dhara is the henna artist so she smirks thinking that Dhara will be busy with Krish so it will be easier for her to continue her mission.

Elsewhere,  a gang leader named Ganpat Rao gets a call from a constable who informs him that another party is trying to enter the fake note market so Ganpat also gets ready to visit Krish's wedding venue to make sure his competitor dies.

In the wedding venue, Gomby imagines dancing with Dhara but soon it turns out that he was going to kiss Dev who pushes Gomby away, advising him to drink less.

Krish and Prerna then also entrain everyone with their romantic performance which irritates Shweta so she decides to hit Prerna with a stick.

However, Shweta herself falls on the ground as Dhara pulls a chair on her way and Shweta only gives Dhara death glares.

On the other hand, Jhumki puts the money-filled bag under a table under Shivank's guidance with Shweta watching.

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