Pandya Store 26th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 26th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 26th July 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 26th July 2023 episode starts with Dhaval's mother asking him if he knows Natasha and warns him to stay away from her as she feels she is too cunning and malicious.

Meanwhile, Natasha runs with the ring and collides with Urmi and unfurls the object.

Urmi notices the ring and asks Natasha if Dhaval proposed to her but Natasha denies it and states that even her shoes will reject him.

Natasha states that she snatched the ring from Dhaval to recover the loss she made due to his blunder which makes Urmi laugh out loud.

Urmi states that the ring is merely 50 rupees and belonged to her, which makes Natasha frustrated and he shouts out to Dhaval loudly.

All of Dhaval's family member are left stunned when Natasha enters and asks Dhaval to offer his fake ring to girls he roams around.

Natasha threatens him that if he fails to repay her money she will complain his name to the trustee council and withdraw his funds.

Pranali shouts at Hetal for her casualty in giving the responsibility to Dhaval to arrange for the ring which makes Hetal cry out loud.

Meanwhile, Dhaval's mother asks Dhaval to bring in a chair and icecream wondering to enjoy the commotion between her bahu's.

Later, Natasha reaches the store and starts blabbering about Dhaval determining to reap money from him for her loss.

Suman asks her about her concern and states that Natasha is a true businesswoman.

Meanwhile, Pranali calls Chirag but a man is shown at a construction site declining her call.

The man is Chirag, who is a trickster as he divides the stolen and sold cement sack money between the workers who stole it and himself.

Later, Chirag picks up Pranali's call while she bashes him for being irresponsible and Chirag staunchly states that these silly things are women's duty and cuts the call.

Meanwhile, Suman tells Natasha that she will accompany her in the evening to collect the money from Daval and punish him as girls need to stand up for their rights nowadays.

Natasha kisses Suman and they banter when two men enter the Pandya store and hand over some files to Natasha.

They explain to her that Amrish wants to build a mall over their shop and in return he is offering a bunch of money but wants the owner's consent signature.

Natasha lets out an elated smile and takes the file to sign when Suman snatches it and declares that Pandya's store can never be sold.

On the other hand, the second son Bhavin is shown to whom Amrish has sent rented clothes of Bollywood stars.

This angers Bhavin thinking of Amrish to be a miser and taking hold of things by himself.

Meanwhile, Amrish in his cabin discusses with his staff that they cannot start the mall construction without the demolition of the Pandya Store.

Later, Chirag calls Bhavin and scolds him for his wife's behaviour who in turn calls Pranali and bashes her for misbehaving with his brother.

A huge commotion is created when Amrish enters and all of them are scared.

They try to round off the topic by saying that they dropped at Dhaval's college to meet him as they proceeded to the engagement hall.

All of them leave but halt when Amrish asks Dhaval about Natasha.

On the other hand, Natasha tries to convince Suman to sell the store and buy a house in the city for the children's brighter future.

Suman stands staunch and asks her to close her eyes and think about her family as Natasha recalls Gautam's words.

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