Pandya Store 26th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 26th May 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 26th May 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 26th May 2023 episode starts with Krish getting inspired to expose Shweta after Dhara brings out her blood on a knife's tip.

However, Shivank sees them together and says that he won't let them ruin his plan.

Meanwhile, Aarushi rudely orders her mother to come out into the living room but she says she won't come.

This makes Aarushi declare that if her mother won't come out, then she will make Suman enter her bedroom.

In the living room, Shiva gets irritated to see all the children run around and eat as if they haven't eaten in a long time.

Rishita then asks Mithu to go sit with his father while a confused Mithu asks about the real one or the one who keeps forgetting him.

Raavi watches the whole scene unfold in front of her when Mithu sits in Dev's lap and both Rishita and Raavi mumble that this is what happens when you have the Pandya blood in you.

Aarushi gets confused and annoyed while Suman asks her to call her mother fast as she will then go back to her house.

However, this makes Shiva tell Suman to wait a little more as she didn't hesitate to stop Gomby's wedding even when his bride got exchanged.

Suman says that if she knew, she wouldn't let Gomby marry "Bhagodi Ki Beti" AKA Dhara which makes Gomby sit up but also sit down the next moment when Suman takes her words back.

Just then, Mithu calls out Raavi, yelling Mumma while everyone keeps looking for her.

An annoyed Shiva then asks Dev to call Raavi so all these peanut shells (referring to the kids) can go back.

At Pandya Nivas, Dhara reveals to Prerna that she is feeling uneasy when Shweta walks in and taunts them to be plotting against her.

Meanwhile, an agitated Suman asks Aarushi to call her mother, however, Arushi's mother lets her know that she won't come outside as it is her final decision.

On the other hand, Shiva tells Mithu that he is not his father when Mithu sits on his lap after Rishita instructs him to.

All the kids agree that after coming to Somnath, it is becoming hard to keep up with who is whose parents.

Mithu demands an ice cream from Shiva while Shiva mumbles that sometimes watching Mithu eat all day makes him believe that he is his kid only.

Later, Rishita calls the kids to her side and bribes them with ice cream, pizza, etc. if they can successfully take Shiva outside of the house.

Meanwhile, as the kids attack Shiva asking him to make them eat all kinds of snacks, Shiva looks at Gomby helplessly to help him.

However, Gomby refutes and says they are his kids while Shiva's eyes widen again and he complains to Dev when Mithu calls him 'Papa' again.

On the other hand, Suman closes her ears as the kids shout and Rishita gives Shiva a push from the back to sit up.

Raavi who is standing outside complains to Gomby who comes out and says he has to stop the wedding alliance with Aarushi.

Meanwhile, Aarushi's mother doesn't come out, and Suman mumbles if she is birthing her.

Krish who is curious to expose Shweta goes to the laboratory and asks the technician to test if the blood he has is of one person or two different people while Shivank keeps an eye on him.

As the kids push out Shiva from Aarushi's home, Raavi quickly calls Dhara in a frenzy and asks her to help her, otherwise, she will understand that she doesn't love her.

Meanwhile, the kids push Shiva in an auto as both Raavi and Rishita instruct the driver to stop only at Pandya Nivas.

Shiva gets annoyed as the kids make their demands while Aarushi takes Suman to her mother's room but finds it empty.

Suman then lets Aarushi know that Shiva will never be hers as he is already married and Aarushi says she knows it but will only marry Shiva.

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