Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 27th December 2023 episode starts with Isha coming to Natasha then she asks Isha whether she has come to ask her to stay away from Rohan.

Isha tells her that she wants to return the bangle of Dhara maa that Yash gave her while proposing and she asks her to tell Yash that one portion of her heart will always belong to him.

Natasha is shocked and Isha asks her to tell Cheeku to move on in life after that she hugs Natasha then Isha goes from there.

Meanwhile, Amba tells the reason why they broke relations with Natasha while Dhawal says that until he confirms his doubt till then he won’t allow Isha to marry Rohan.

Amba stares at him and says that by saying all these he is disrespecting Rohan which also makes Suhani feel offended and she goes from there with Rohan.

Meanwhile, Cheeku offers sweets to everyone in his house because he has got a job at a construction site whereas Natasha comes back giving the bangles that Yash gave to her.

Natasha gives those bangles to Suman and tells Cheeku that Isha’s wedding has been fixed somewhere else which breaks Cheeku’s heart.

Then, Meethu suggests that they will bring Isha secretly from there because he does not want to see him tensed but Shesh asks them to focus on Pandya's store then Cheeku goes from there.

Meanwhile, Suman prays to god to bring happiness to Cheeku’s life whereas Hetal tells Pranali and Dolly that Dhawal still loves Natasha so they should do something to reunite them.

Pranali suggests they lock Natasha and Dhawal in the same room so that they can stop the drama of divorce and do the patch whereas Dhawal reaches the street of the Pandya store.

He hears Sandeep telling his friend that he is trying on Natasha which makes Dhawal angry so he goes there and brings Sandeep out of the car and starts beating him ruthlessly.

Natasha comes there and suddenly she is about to fall then Dhawal saves her but she asks him to not create drama there.

People taunt her for spending time with Sandeep so she asks them to go away from there and focus on work.

On the other hand, Pandit Ji fixes 25th December as the wedding date for Dhawal and Suhani whereas Dhawal asks Natasha to stay away from Sandeep because he has bad intentions for her.

He holds her hand and takes it away from her and tells her that Isha’s wedding was on the verge of breaking because of her so he requests her to stay away from his family.

Amba calls Rohan and tells the wedding date to him and asks him to get ready for the wedding after that she goes to Isha’s room and asks her to call Rohan because he wants to talk to her.

She prays to god to always maintain happiness in Isha’s life because she deserves this after that she hugs her and after a few minutes, Dhawal comes there with his hands bleeding which makes Amba anxious.

Then, she tells him about the wedding date fixed by Pandit Ji which breaks his heart.

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