Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th February 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 27th February 2023 episode starts with Rishita asking Dhara how she manages to do all this when Dhara comes out of Natasha’s room.

As Dhara comments that Chutki has taken a little step toward the family, Rishita reminds her that this step is toward Dhara only.

In reply, Dhara informs Rishita that maybe it is toward her but will soon lead Chutki to Rishita.

Rishita stares at Dhara after hearing this and Dhara orders her to spend some time with Chutki to win her since Shweta is busy with Krish.

Meanwhile, Shesh questions Dhara why Rishita will spend time with Natasha who irritates them to which Dhara replies that no one can irritate Rishita except Shesh.

At the same time, Chiku also questions Dhara about why she has given his room to Natasha, and Dhara informs him that there is no such thing as Chiku’s only room.

Chiku again asks if Natasha is their sister to which Dhara replies that Natasha is always their sister.

While the Pandya kids glare at Natasha, Dhara orders Rishita to make amends between these kids as she always thinks Dhara takes her responsibility away.

Natasha also informs Dhara that she drinks juice without sugar, making Dhara and Rishita smile.

Afterward, Rishita sits with Natasha to play with her while the kids shoot glares at Natasha.

As Natasha tells Rishita that her name is not Chutki, the Pandya kids start calling her Chutki only to piss her off.

To protect Chutki’s doll house, Rishita draws a line on the floor, and orders the Pandya kids to not cross it.

She again goes back to watch Natasha play whereas Shesh blurs the line after walking on it without Rishita's notice.

Shesh, Chiku, and Mithu again cross the line, saying that this line does not exist anymore when Rishita gets anxious.

Picking up Shesh, Chiku, and Mithu one by one, Rishita puts them down at a distance from Natasha after ordering them to stay away from Natasha.

However, Chiku pretends to go to the washroom to distract Rishita due to which Shesh and Mithu get the chance to annoy Natasha.

Once Rishita makes some distance between the mini Pandya brothers and Chutki, Mithu throws his ball near Natasha's doll house so he runs to pick it up.

Instead of picking the ball, the Pandya kids start irritating Natasha again by pulling her hair but Rishita makes some distance between them.

Looking around the kids, Rishita comments that these kids have made her tired in just 10 minutes.

On the other hand, Prerna is pacing in her hotel room when Krish walks in and pulls her in for a hug.

As Prerna and Krish are hugging each other, she notices Dhara at the door and calls out to her but Krish thinks Prerna is thinking about her cousin.

Krish turns away shyly when Dhara enters the room, causing Dhara and Prerna to laugh at him.

Dhara slaps Krish as he comments that Dhara always makes a mess whenever she tries to make a plan.

Afterward, Dhara and Prerna hatch a plan to prove Krish is a useless person in Shweta's eyes to make Shweta leave Krish alone and Dhara urges Prerna to come to Pandya's house with her.

Meanwhile, in the Pandya store, Gautam makes Shiva promise him that Shiva will not go anywhere from now on.

Later, Shweta stands there in shock as Natasha accepts the Pandya family as hers and reveals that she knows Shweta stole her from Pandya's house.

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