Pandya Store 27th January 2024 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Pandya Store 27th January 2024 episode starts with Natasha successfully finding the Pandya store file but the file falls in her excitement.

Meanwhile, the lawyer’s assistant comes and tells him that another client is waiting for him so he goes to see him.

At the same time, Cheeku rushes to the lawyer’s cabin and helps Natasha in aligning the files on the shelf.

Later, the lawyer comes into his cabin and finds them stealing the file so he calls security after which Pandya's runs from there without taking the file.

On the other hand, the doctor tells the nurse that they have to inform Dhawal’s family about his deteriorating condition.

Amresh comes to meet the lawyer and Natasha notices him there but she runs from there because the security guard chases her.

The lawyer asks Amresh if he is trying to take advantage of someone so Amresh tells him that he will put an offer in front of Natasha.

On the other hand, Cheeku scolds Isha for telling their family situations to Makhwanas and Natasha overhears their conversation.

She thinks that Dhawal has asked Amresh to help her while at the same time he comes there.

Amresh asks her to come out because he wants to talk about something urgent but she denies going out of the house.

Then, he tells her that he has purchased the company from Sandeep so now she has to pay the compensation to him.

After that, he goes from there and Natasha comes behind him asking what he wants to say after which Amresh tells her that he can extend the duration to six months which she can compensate for the money.

Natasha asks in return what he wants so he asks her to take care of Dhawal which provokes her anger and she goes from there.

Just then, Amresh tells her that Dhawal is struggling for his life as Natasha turns around and narrates everything to her.

She gets emotional after hearing all the things and directly rushes to the hospital to see Dhawal while Amba prays to god to send someone to save Dhawal.

In the meantime, Natasha reaches the hospital and Hetal notices her after which she tells Amba that now Dhawal will get fine.

Then, Natasha enters into I.C.U. and the doctor says that he is no more which makes Natasha anxious and she asks Dhawal to wake up for her.

She shakes his body and asks him to get up after that she starts beating him so that he can respond.

Natasha cries her lungs out and suddenly notices that Dhawal's heartbeat starts responding and he opens his eyes which brings happiness to her face.

After that, the doctor starts the treatment again and tells the nurse to put him under observation and Dhawal becomes unconscious again.

On the other hand, Suman asks where is Natasha after which Shesh makes Natasha's complaint but Cheeku scolds him.

Cheeku calls Natasha and she narrates him everything which makes Isha anxious but Cheeku asks her to return home.

Natasha refuses and says that she will not return until Dhawal recovers after which she cuts the call and starts crying seeing Dhawal in such a condition.

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