Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th July 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 27th July 2022 episode starts with Dhara holding the baby of the lady who got into an accident.

The female doctor asks Dhara not to leave the baby with her since the hospital does not have any facilities for newborn care.

Dhara says she does not want to be labeled as a kidnapper.

However, when Dhara sees the nurses and the doctor struggle to make the baby quiet and give it food, Dhara brings the baby with her to the Pandya House.

On the other hand, Shiva tells Raavi to stop wasting her time on social media because it does bring anything to her except nonsensical fame.

Meanwhile, Suman worries for Dhara since she hasn’t returned home since the morning after going to the temple.

Suman then scolds Rishita, asking if she has kept a baby crying as her ringtone but it is not Rishita’s ringtone, it is the sound of the baby crying that Dhara has brought home.

Gomby and Suman look at each other worriedly, thinking about Dhara’s past when she got too attached to a baby.

Suman panics while Gomby tells Dhara to return the baby to her parents.

However, Dhara scolds Gomby and tells him to shut up if he does not know he is talking rubbish.

Dhara tells the whole Pandya Family about the baby’s mother's condition and the Doctor’s permission to keep the baby since no facilities are available for the newborn to be kept safe.

Raavi holds the baby and asks Shiva to help bathe it with warm water but Shiva says no, saying he is not an expert in baby-bathing.

Suman immediately scolds Shiva and says he will have to learn it one day or is he planning to rely on Suman for birthing his babies.

When Gomby sees Dhara cut one of his favorite shirts, he asks if she has lost her mind.

Dhara tells Gomby that the shirt’s material is soft and will keep the baby warm in this cold rain.

Gomby then looks at Dhara and worries about her getting too attached to the baby.

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