Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th November 2022 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 27th November 2022 episode starts with Krish informing Dhara that he has overheard Swetha telling Nitin on a call about how she has done all this just to get her money back.

Rishita then announces that now they need to teach Swetha the value of life so Dhara needs to die.

Hearing this, Dhara tells everyone that if she really dies her soul will not feel peace until Suman forgives her to which Rishita replies that Dhara will not die since she is under her supervision.

Rishita even adds that now they need to make sure Suman and Shiva both leave the Pandya house when they execute the plan.

Meanwhile, Krish informs everyone that they can send Suman to Ujjain on a pilgrimage along with Shiva and everyone agrees.

Rishita then narrates that they will order a puppet just like Dhara and lay it down on the floor with a knife stabbed in its stomach while the lights will be turned off so when Swetha will arrive there, her first instinct will be to remove the knife and using the darkness, Dhara will enter the house and replace the doll.

The next morning, Gomby urges Suman to go on a pilgrimage to Ujjain but Suman denies it.

Gomby further orders Shiva to accompany Suman and he replies negatively but Gomby reveals that he has already purchased train tickets for Suman and Shiva.

Swetha who was listening to the conversation offers to go with Suman as she does not want to be left behind with Dhara’s teammates.

When Swetha offers it, Gomby including Rishita and Krish order her to stay back since Rishita is on strike and Swetha needs to take care of the house.

Suman however orders Gautam not to bring Raavi and Dhara home and while Gautam announces that Dhara will not go against Suman’s order.

Meanwhile, Dhara notices Raavi’s phone ringing, and seeing Arnav’s caller ID, she urges Raavi to pick up but Raavi announces that she will tell Arnav everything once she visits the Office.

On the other hand, Krish offers to pack Shiva’s bag but Shiva orders him not to become his wife after hitting Krish with a pillow.

Later while Dhara is returning from the market, she notices Arnav at the entrance of Pandya’s house and orders him to come with her.

When Dhara is taking Arnav away with her, Shiva notices this and gets even angrier and decides to go to Ujjain.

Afterward, Rishta is stirring red paint when Dev throws the doll inside the room and Rishta screams in fear.

Noticing Dev coming in through the window, Rishita again screams and kicks the red paint.

On one hand, Swetha walks toward the room after hearing Rishita’s scream; on the other hand, Rishita scolds Dev for surprising her like this.

When Swetha enters the room, Rishita announces shyly that Dev wanted to do romance so he entered the room through the window but she got scared so she screamed.

Rishita also adds that Dev is hiding under the blanket since he is feeling shy but noticing the red paint, Rishita pretends to get hurt to avoid Swetha's suspicion.

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