Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th November 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 27th November 2023 episode starts with Natasha thanking Dhawal for making lots of efforts for her whereas Dhawal holds her back and tries to get close to her.

Meanwhile, Natasha also tries to get close to him and says that he deserves good food while Dhawal also helps her in cooking the food.

Dhawal spills the vessel of flour on himself and Natasha and then they both clean each other but enjoy a lot.

In the meantime, Isha comes to Cheeku’s room secretly and he gets worried about seeing her there because if Suman sees her there then a huge problem will take place.

After that, he realizes that he was dreaming and Suman pulls his leg saying sweet dreams.

Later on the next day, Dhawal showers care and love over Natasha as her leg is not fine while she feels special and blushes.

Then, Natasha says that she wants to take him for dinner whereas Dhawal teases her if she won’t get terrified to go alone with him.

Natasha smiles and says that before going they should get Amba’s permission so they go out in the hall and Dhawal makes a request to allow them.

Meanwhile, Dolly asks Chirag to learn something from Dhawal while Amba thinks that he is taking the whole family on a dinner date.

Then, Dhawal clears her that he wants to take Natasha on a date so Amba says that Chirag and Dolly will also go on a date.

After that, Pranali murmurs that she will never go on a date along with Bhavin whereas Chirag gives Dhawal the idea that he will take Dolly to a different café for a date.

Meanwhile, Isha goes to see Suman and she also brings dry fruit for her while she also tells the things that happened yesterday.

Suman feels bad and tries to defend Natasha whereas Isha says that she is small that’s why she is a bit immature which hurts Suman.

Then, Isha says that she is going while Cheeku comes to drop her whereas Suman asks Cheeku if he genuinely likes Isha or not.

She explains to him that Isha isn’t experienced in life as she won’t be able to manage the relations so she asks Cheeku to stop his feelings for her which hurts Cheeku.

On the other hand, Hetal tells Amresh that Dolly and Natasha are getting ready for dinner date while he says that he wants the sign on the papers in which it is mentioned that fifty percent of the profit will be distributed among the ladies of the house.

After that, he asks Dolly to ask Dhawal to get the sign of Natasha on these papers so she explains to him the whole thing while Natasha comes there in a black saree in front of Dhawal.

He gets mesmerized to see her in a saree after which he asks her to sign on the papers given by Dolly while Amresh eagerly waits for Natasha’s sign on it.

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