Pandya Store 27th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th October 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 27th October 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 27th October 2023 episode starts with Hetal telling Natasha that she does not want to go to her home and asking her to stay away from her matters.

Hetal cries and starts requesting god to keep her mother well while Natasha tries to console her but Hetal realizes that she is getting emotional so she tries to act hard.

Meanwhile, a few girls roam on the road, saying that today they will enjoy Makhwana’s dandiya night and they also ask that stranger lady to join them tonight but she refuses, mentioning that she has some important work to do.

On the other hand, Natasha gets ready for the event when Dhawal comes into the room in a black kurta leading Natasha to get lost in his looks when her kajal gets smudged and she yells.

Dhawal comes running towards her and cleans her eyes and after that, Dhawal notices that Natasha is going to wear a different chania choli when he murmurs that his all efforts are going in vain.

Natasha checks the chaniya choli in front of Dhawal, teasing him but suddenly her skirt gets torn while Dhawal goes laughing from there.

Meanwhile, Dolly and Hetal come into Natasha’s room, asking her to get ready on time but Natasha does not have any other option so she decides to wear the chaniya choli that Dhawal has bought for her.

Later in the evening, Amba along with her four sons reaches Dandiya's night location and tells the organizer of the event that she is a proud mother of her sons, getting emotional.

The organizer asks about the ladies of the family when Amba says that they are on the way while Dhawal keeps his eyes on the entrance but his friends ask him to come with them to enjoy.

In the meantime, the stranger lady also reaches dandiya night by covering her face with a veil leading all the ladies of the Makhwana family also join the function when the stranger lady after seeing Natasha and Dolly murmurs that there are new entry in the family.

That lady gets emotional and says that they are happy without her while Dhawal gets happy to see Natasha wearing a chaniya choli that he has bought for her.

His friends take him from there to dance while going, Dhawal says that finally, Natasha wore the lehenga that Hetal bought for her when Hetal tells Natasha that Dhawal has bought it for her.

Meanwhile, Dolly says that she wants to dance but Pranali warns her from going against the family therefore, they go and sit in the function while the men dance.

In the meantime, Golu forces Hetal to buy a balloon for him so Natasha goes to buy one while Hetal’s brother holds Hetal’s hand, taking her aside to an empty place and tells her that their mother is genuinely in critical condition so she wants to meet Golu for the last time.

Hetal tells him that she cannot come as she does not want to keep any relation with them while her brother asks for the reason when she tells him that their father sold the land to Mr. Agarwal instead of selling it to Amresh and therefore, Amresh does not want her to keep any relation with them.

Her brother puts her in an emotional situation by asking her to choose anyone between her in-laws and her blood relations to which Hetal without hesitating says that she will choose her in-laws while Natasha listens to everything and murmurs that she needs to bring change in this family’s atmosphere.

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