Pandya Store 28th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 28th April 2023 Written Update: Pandya Store written update

Today's Pandya Store 28th April 2023 episode starts with Shweta questioning Shivank about how the police have got to know about the deal, feeling frustrated.

To provoke the police, she loudly points them to the bag under a table, saying that there are fake notes inside it.

Dhara gets alarmed to hear this and quickly rushes to remove the notes from the bag before the police arrive, making the notes fly with the breeze.

Meanwhile, Shivank's nightmare (the girl who likes him) arrives at the place as she overhears Shweta and him talking and starts to threaten him for marrying her.

Shivank hurriedly tells her that they will marry for sure but after he gets done with his task, he quickly runs away from his nightmare while Shweta follows him.

On the other hand, the Pandya's are overjoyed to see notes flying in the sky, excitedly picking them up only to understand that it is fake.

After completing her task, Dhara quickly tries to run away from the place, only to bump into Gautam, who worriedly asks her if she is alright.

Hearing the police warning everyone to leave the place before the bomb blast, Gautam quickly carries Dhara in her arms as he runs outside, joining the Pandyas.

Raavi and Rishita successfully manage to tell Suman that the snacks are non-vegetarian, making Suman throw them in disgust.

She angrily tells them that they will be punished for it later.

After the bomb blast, the police come outside to interrogate the Pandyas about the fake money deal.

In the corner, Shweta gets shocked as she sees the police telling the Pandyas that they haven't found anything inside the bag.

However, she then notices Dhara winking at her and understands that Dhara has once again failed her plan.

Dhara notices Ganpat in the corner and loudly tells the police to arrest him in her old voice.

Seeing that the impediment has subsided, Dhara heads to leave the place but bumps into someone, making her veil fall.

Gautam instantly recognises the familiar face, calling Dhara by her name.

The Pandyas are shocked to understand that the henna artist all along has been their very own Dhara.

Suman stops Dhara from going, while Prerna feels blissful as she realizes how Dhara has put henna on her hands.

Suman concludes that Dhara has only come to chastise the Pandyas for enjoying themselves without her, declaring that she must be punished to stay with them till Krish and Prerna get married after much argument.

Dhara inwardly feels happy as she tries hard to keep a serious face, determined not to let Shweta destroy the peace in her family.

On the other hand, Shweta sweetly gives Shivank a Sherwani as she tells him about the plan for him to marry Prerna.

Shweta wickedly thinks that she will marry Krish this time, ready to confront Dhara and bring havoc to the Pandyas.

Later, the Pandya's silently stand in the courtyard as Suman glares at them, angry that she has touched non-veg food.

Raavi and Rishita try to console her but Suman is exasperated for having touched non-vegetarian food.

She declares to everyone that their punishment is to wear the costumes of animals in Krish's marriage, giving them the choice to wear the animal costume as per their choice.

The Pandyas stare at her wide-eyed and request her to retract the punishment in vain.

Just then, Shivank's nightmare arrives at Pandya Nivas with tears in her eyes.

She takes hold of Suman's legs, loudly telling that her son has made her shameful in front of society.

Suman is shocked hearing this as she stares at her sons, expecting an explanation.

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